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Are you looking for the Best WordPress Themes For Blogs? Tonnes of blog themes for WordPress are available, making it difficult for you to choose. Every theme looks great and customizable, but you need to be particular while choosing them. Before choosing, it is essential to know about the variety of themes available to be used. Around 30000 themes are available, and the best among them are mentioned here, and to know about it, take a look. 


The features available in OceanWP have made it one of the best themes that you normally see. It can be used for any website like magazines, blogs, eCommerce stores, business websites, etc. OceanWP has several layout choices, like custom logo support, two navigation menus, beautiful image galleries, multiple sidebar areas, etc. The theme is easy to set up and super flexible and has live customer support. 

AstraBest WordPress Themes for Blogs

It is a free and customizable WordPress blog theme and includes sites suitable for portfolios, personal blogs, eCommerce websites, and business blogs. It works perfectly and is responsive, and is one of the best themes out there. It comes with a built-in support WooCommerce, which is why it becomes easier when it comes to adding an online store to your blog. Astra is transition-ready and can be used for making blogs in different languages. 

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For bloggers looking for a minimalistic design theme, typology can be a good choice. It has eye-catching and rich features with topography with white-clear space. The most important aspect is the stunning topography, and it has some excellent cool features, like how much time a reader will need to complete reading the post? Apart from that, other aspects like stunning quotes, several typeset theme options, customization options, the ability to add images, etc. All such things will give you the popular parallax scrolling effect to the readers. 

Smart Passive Income Pro ThemeBest WordPress Themes for Blogs

If you are a blogger for quite some time now, opt for Smart Passive Income Pro Theme. It is created to offer an easy reading experience while giving you enough chances to monetize your website. Three different preset templates and layouts are available with eight areas for widgets. If you want your services and products to be purchased by buyers, this theme will be the best choice for you. Additionally, it is built on the Genesis framework and is trusted and fully responsive in any system. 


It is a highly responsive and flexible theme for all websites and has an easy setup wizard. It has a companion plugin adding services and testimonials sections according to your requirement. Hestia can be used with popular page builder plugins and easy to set up with a live theme customizer. Rearranging and adding sections according to your requirement with the drag and drop feature. 

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GoBest WordPress Themes for Blogs

It is a blog theme and has a minimalistic approach, and if you are looking for a theme with a welcome message or call-to-action, you should opt for this theme. It provides a great user experience and enhances readability with clean typography. The theme can handle featured images really well, and it can add a contact form with the usage of the contact form plugin. 

Magnus photoblog theme

If you are a blogger relying on photography to spread your message across your audiences, opt for the Magnus photoblog theme. It is heavily image-focused, so you must have high-quality images to back your words. Your home page will act as a portfolio page with headlines and images. Along with that, it has a cool hover effect with cutting-edge features. 

AuthorityBest WordPress Themes for Blogs

Authority is a clean theme highlighting your bankroll on your homepage. It also has a sidebar showcasing an opt-in box, most popular posts, welcome messages, etc. If you want to increase your earnings from your website by creating affiliate content, this WordPress theme can be a perfect choice. 

And finally!

Selecting the right WordPress theme for your website is essential, and it will differentiate you from your competitors. Choosing a theme is a completely personal choice, and it will help your brand to recognize you. Not only that, but a proper website will help in communicating with your audiences. That’s why; you need to be careful while deciding which theme to opt for. 

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