Engaging your Audience with Interactive Content

Being a content writing company, we, at EMIAC TECHNOLOGIES understand how every company wishes their audience not just to look at the content they have put on, but also to grasp and understand it well. Creating content for each new company is just like icing each cake differently every time, and obviously, the task is not as simple as eating the cake.

Creating interactive content is just another technique used to engage the audience in a more fun way than any other method. Through various observations, we have found out that a large chunk of the audience engages more in content that is interactive rather than the one that sounds like a monologue. People find it more convincing when they are a part of something rather than just looking at it. Interactive content breaks the content into small chunks and makes it easier to understand by protecting a large amount of information going out in the form of a speech.

Our team of phenomenally talented writers, who have great experience, make it a sure thing to put in all their efforts together to make their work shine. All the writers working for us are extremely talented and understand the meaning of technicalities in writing. We understand the passive content may not always work because the stimulus is always needed for a reaction, thus we make sure we create a stimulus that is strong.

Some basic tools that make content interactive and attractive are:

Assessment tools:

Interactive Content

Source: proprofs

These are some of the most used tools that acquire quires from the audience based on their interest and also helps you to find the right audience for your newsletter and direct emails by agreeing to it. The audiences directly feel involved in it as they are making a choice for themselves.

Poll and voting:

Interactive Content

Source: funnypng

Again, this is an amazing tool to engage the audience as it is directly asking their opinion. This attracts the audience and they thus start exploring the topic for voting. People like to know how similar their choice is with others.


Interactive Content

Source: lumen5

No matter how important written content is for social media; you will always find people who consider everything else before reading. At such point, videos come to the rescue. They are entertaining and engaging and thus are a great help in the content presenting.


Interactive Content

Source: hubspot

They are informative on their own, but adding the interactive bit to the infographic only adds up to the interesting e of itsid.

These are some of the appealing tools for interactive content and are our prime nutrient points for a healthy interactive article or site. The art of giving people what they want to be wrapped up in a glitter sheet is not that easy but we make sure that our product is wrapped up in the glitter so well that no one could resist the desire of having it.

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