How To Build An Email List On Your Blog?

Blogging is an efficient content creation strategy for marketing and promoting your brand online. Publishing blogs can enhance your traffic, generate leads, increase your internal linking opportunities, etc. Well, for successful bloggers, it’s time to take their brand to the next level. In this aspect, you must be ready to start learning how to Build an Email List On Your Blog? Many people do not know about the email list on your blog. 

Bloggers must know about such aspects as it will help in customer retention. Customer retention is not at all an easy task, and bloggers need to put in a lot of effort and time to build loyalty and increase their earnings. 

Why is building an email list important?

Email marketing can give you a higher return on investment. According to stats, marketers believe that of each $1 on email campaigns, marketers can earn $44. It means that there is a return of 4400%, which cannot be ignored at any cost. People prefer buying products marketed through email marketing and spend 138% more compared to email offers. 

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Also, everyone on this planet uses email, so reaching to people becomes easier. Around 99% of people check their email account every day, so it is essential to consider building an email list. Here is a procedure to help you build an email list on your blog.

Choosing an email marketing service

Before collecting emails, first, you must sign up for an email marketing service. Also, it’s not possible to type a single message and send them individually. Email software makes it easier for you to manage, collect, and contact all your subscribers. Additionally, you can earn valuable insights on the campaign’s success as it will tell you things like bounce rates, open rates, CTR, spam rates, and unsubscribes. Selecting your email marketing service is your personal reference, and you can look for a free trial and make your choice accordingly. 

Creating an opt-in form

Now that you have signed for a service, the next step you must do is to create an opt-in form to place on your site. Also, you must have a dedicated landing page for email sign-ups. Alongside that, ensure that you have sign-up forms on different pages of your website, like your blog main page, your site page, etc. You can create forums with the help of the email software that you have chosen. Depending on the service you choose, the wording and instructions will vary. Irrespective of whatever you choose, ensure that it is straightforward and simple. 

Adding an incentive

Why should anyone sign up to receive emails from you? It is a good question as you want to increase your earnings, but how the people subscribing will be benefitted. If there is no reason for people to sign on to your website, they will definitely not do it. Just imagine how many emails you receive a day, and it can be roughly 100. That’s why; if you give people a reason to receive your emails than saying subscribe for monthly or weekly updates, you will benefit a lot. Hundreds of ways are there through which you can employ your email strategy on your blog. To understand, you can take up an example, suppose you operate an eCommerce website. Here you can pitch for a discount when people join your email list. When people come across such things, they prefer to enrol in it. 

Using a sticky bar

In case you do not want an opt-in form in the sidebar, you can also go ahead with a stick bar. When people scroll down through your blog, the sticky bar stays at the top of the page. It is another way to collect email addresses as the subscribe button is at the top. It allows your readers to read your blog and then subscribe to your channel. 

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In the end!

Until you start building an email list, you are not getting the most out of your blog. For bloggers, it is important to understand that and implement the strategy accordingly. Now that you have known the process, do not waste much time and prepare a strategy for your website. Test out all your strategies and ensure that you pick the best to receive more leads. 

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