How Does A Perfect Blog Post Look Like? Presenting The Perfect Anatomy

It can be pretty stressful and tough to keep a track of all the correct and important blog segments when you have plenty of projects with you. There are many things you need to remember when crafting an excellent blog. You need to make sure that nothing slips out through the cracks, and each of your blog posts should be useful and complete to your readers.

Ways to create a perfect blog post

There are many ways through which you can properly create the perfect blog post. Given below is an outline of everything that you must remember once you commence writing.

1. The headline:

All blog posts start with a title, which will grab the attention of the readers, and will enforce them to continue reading to learn more further. Readers on the internet are said to have short concentration spans, and the headline stands out as the principal component, which aids them to decide whether or not they should stay or click on the website. According to recent studies, about 60% of the readers do not even read past the title. If you want to write a perfect headline, then you must brainstorm a practical title, research keywords, and then craft a headline.

2. The meta description: 

Although the meta description is not visible on your blog post but lives somewhere else, and it is pretty important. The meta description is pointed towards the HTML trait that describes the content of a provided webpage. In other words, it’s a short description that you will encounter on a SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) to preview what exactly the webpage is all about. The Anatomy of a perfect blog post should start from the meta description, headline, and URL. It’s because when you use them all together, it will influence the users to click on the link to see the whole blog post.

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3. The featured image:

Featured images stand out as another part that will grab the attention of the readers to learn more, and you will find it visible on top of a blog post. You need to make sure that the image you provide must match what precisely the story is all about, as it might aggravate the readers or entertain them. You don’t need to provide an image that is too bright or critical, it can be simple and aesthetically pleasant. Also, always opt for featured images that you can edit legally and share.

4. Conduct your keyword research:

Using the keyword in your blog post is an important ingredient while defining the SEO strategy. You must conduct proper keyword research and use them in your blog post, as it will help you distinguish what type of search inquiry your readers or users are looking for. As a blogger, you must produce contents that will meet the readers’ necessities and include proper keywords within the blog post.

5. The introduction:

The introduction has the power to hook your readers instantly and will persuade them to read the entire blog post. It will also enable the readers to learn what your post is all about so that they are well aware of what they are getting. Remember, no one is a fan of clickbait, so you have to make sure that your post is all about what the title says it is. It doesn’t matter what type of approach you take, you must look for a way to make the opening two lines of your blog post as engaging as possible. 

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6. Sub-headers:

The sub-headers are important on-page SEO elements that will help your blog post rank on search engines like Google. Along with that, the sub-headers will break up and create your blog posts into a variety of segments, which will signal both your readers and Google what your post will cover. You must right the sub-headers with H2 tags. Try breaking up your blog post with the sub-headers and make sure to combine the keywords, which you are employing on your blog post. 

Summing it up 

The time that you will spend on writing your blog post is brief when compared with all the things you do. But the interesting thing about blogs is their great lifespan. When you write a perfect blog post, you create an alphabetized page on your site that will proceed to drive traffic for the ages to come. 


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