A Complete Guide For Paid Search For Bloggers

According to stats, in 2017, around $92.4 billion was spent on paid search globally. It shows the figure is growing by the passing years, proving the effectiveness of the platform. Paid search is a unique tool for bloggers to get the right kind of traffic. With a paid search for bloggers, the money is spent to get traffic, so the stakes are higher. In this blog post, you will come to know about the great opportunities to market your blog with paid search. Once you follow the guide and incorporate the steps, you will see a huge change in traffic.

Google AdWords

Plenty of posts are there, explaining the effective usage of Google AdWords. It will help you in focussing on the things that are already there. To focus, make sure that you have a single strategy. The process includes: 

Publishing a new blog post

Publishing a new blog post is the most crucial thing as no one will like to read copied or old content. Well, readers are in search of the latest information, presented in the best way. Therefore, you should focus on your blog content and try to include valuable details. 

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Picking only special keyword phrases

The broadest and biggest keywords are expensive per click. In blog marketing with paid search, there is no need to make efforts to get traffic to make your efforts effective. You will already get the right audiences for your brand. Google AdWords helps in providing the Keyword Planner and also has different ways to build campaigns. 

Creating to-the-point and simple ads

The perfect ads, with the best blog headlines, will help in building key emotions with potential viewers. The ad headline and description require being short and crisp. The title should give an idea to the readers and what the blog post is all about. 

Switch off the content network

You must move on to Campaign Settings and click on Google Search only. The default for Google is to show your ads in both the content and search network. For now, it is better to concentrate only on the paid search part of AdWorks. Once you have a master in that part, you can move ahead to the content network. 

Understand what works better and create content accordingly

A piece of advice is to understand what works better and create content accordingly. Of course, you will like to test the kind of ads that will work best for your content. Once you have found the right way that will work best for all the networks, prepare specific content based on the findings. 

Bidding on competitive blog keywords

Do you have any idea about the traffic that your competitors get on Google? If so, you can target the keywords and get the traffic towards your blog. It may happen that your competitors are not using AdWords to promote the blogs. Hence, there won’t be more competition for the ads on the brand-related blog keywords. 

Yahoo Bing Network

Bing and Yahoo are used by more than 163 million people every month, and it is also found that the cost per click is lesser compared to Google. To enjoy the benefits of paid search, ensure that you do not miss on the Yahoo Bong network. The steps that you need to follow here are: 

Broaden your keywords

Google is expensive, and more brands use Google to get traffic to their sites. But on Bing Yahoo, prices are comparatively lesser, and there is a more chance to focus on broader search terms. For paid ads and organic search, you have the freedom to use the same keyword. 

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Location target of your customers

With Bing ads, collecting information about specific locations of your customers will be easier. It helps in advertising local business pages and gets plenty of searchers with the location details. 

And finally!

When promoting the blog, paid search can help in gaining an advantage over your competitors. By incorporating the paid options in marketing your blog content, the traffic will grow, and the company will get more leads. Hence, it will help in increasing the sales and profits of the business. If a paid search is done effectively, it will help in growing your company exponentially.

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