What Is Paid Promotion For Linkable Assets And Things You Need To Know

To most people, SEO seems to be a simple process with some strategies that include the production of good content, the creation of more guest posts, and making social influencers provide links. This is a simple procedure that undoubtedly produces good results. But the most successful sites on the internet hardly follow any of these steps, instead, they focus more on building things that are worth linking to.  So, their main objective is to focus on strong link building and invest more in paid promotion for linkable assets.

All you need to know about linkable assets

When an individual deals with SEO for quite some time, then he or she becomes well aware of the importance of backlinks. The linkable assets are considered as high-quality pieces of content that include certain reliable facts and elements which people can refer to as important sources of information and feel worth sharing or linking back to. In the world of digital marketing, backlinks are considered important and they really matter. For this reason, link acquisition, link promotion, and also paid promotion of linkable assets are gaining more popularity in modern days. Backlinks play the most vital role regarding how a piece of information or content performs on the Search Engine Result Pages. 

What is paid promotion for linkable assets?

paid promotion for linkable assets

The linkable assets are the most important element which can bring a website with the maximum number of backlinks with the help of required promotion.  Basically, linkable assets are pieces of content that deserve links, calculators, tools, in-depth as well as informative blog posts, tutorials, infographics, etc. Getting links to your content or posts is basically letting your required audiences become aware that you exist in this strong market of competition. If you are successful in doing this, then they will automatically gain links from them to your website.

Importance of paid promotion

One of the most relevant ways of presenting your content to more audiences is by promoting it by making use of modern social media platform ads like Facebook or Instagram ads, or a similar PPC ad network, which might include Google AdWords, Pinterest Ads, etc. Paid promotion for Linkable assets does not necessarily mean that you will need to invest a lot of money. In fact, by spending only $50-$100, you can be able to witness a noticeable result. If your content is successful in resonating with your targeted audiences, then a small percentage of them will surely link to it. Most of the website owners mainly invest in paid promotion for linkable assets to get their posts in front of maximum people. But, besides attracting the maximum number of viewers, it also successfully helps in more link building. Some of the website owners do zero outreach for certain posts, rather only promote the posts via newsletter or Facebook ads and in return, they are gifted with a huge number of relevant backlinks, just because the post reached the right audiences.

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