Strategies for Link-building and How leverage Broken Link Building

Link building is not a cakewalk that anyone can master easily. In fact, it is considered one of the most difficult parts of digital marketing and SEO. The SEO experts use several strategies for proper link building and one of the most popular strategies is Broken link building. But, no matter which strategy seems the most relevant to you, make sure to take the help of a reputed SEO company to build a strong link.

Some well-known strategies used for link building

1. Outreach:

Outreach is the only area where a businessman can reach out to the maximum people of his niche in order to drag the maximum audience to his content. But in this area, there is no requirement of so-called “content”, instead, the link might directly take the users to products, services, businesses, brands, or other specific detail. This means that you are reaching out to people to tell them about all the specific details of your tools, infographics, features about the products you are offering. But, you will need strong keywords to get the maximum from this strategy.

2. Broken link building:

Many SEO experts use various tactics in order to bring needle-moving links to their site and one of those is a broken link-building strategy. In this process, a link is built by finding broken links, then those broken links are recreated and are replaced with corrected links. By using broken links in an efficient way, you can publish your own guide in order to avoid Google penalties.

3. Unlinked mentions:

There will be instances when you will notice that people are using your brand name in their blogs or content, but not providing any link to your website. In such circumstances, you might be sure that the author is familiar with your products and hence you can easily reach out to them and convince them to convert those mentions into relevant links. 

4. Link reclamation:

Your website will always tend to lose backlinks and it will be one of your main concerns to counteract this process by building a consistent stream of new links. Link building is way harder than reclaiming the lost links. There are various reasons for which a link might be lost, so you will be required to find out the exact cause and work accordingly to reclaim your links.

5. Community site link building:

Most people think that building only the highest quality links can be enough. But, this has been proven to be a myth over time and now it is considered that besides having a strong link, it is also necessary to build links from other sources too. These days, you will be able to find various forms and platforms like Quora, Reddit, which are all great places to market your products and build more relevant links in order to make your backlink profile more diverse. Link building will not just work in a day or two, and you will require to try several tactics. But according to some experts, broken link building is a must-try strategy that no one must ignore. 

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