3 Ways To Make Link Building Outreach Trouble-Free

Linking Building has always been a crucial part of search engine optimization. This is because the Google ranking algorithms consider the number of backlinks to a website while ranking it. There are many ways in which link building can be implemented, like guest posts on other websites, product reviews, blogger outreach, and trustworthy directory linking.

While all these methods are fairly beneficial, the blogger outreach method can provide additional benefits such as the trust of customers. Earlier, people used to mention their website on every possible platform in order to get more and more backlinks. They also used not ethical ways to get backlinks.

But with time, search engines became more advanced. They started differentiating between genuine backlinks and spammy backlinks. This made the process of link building even tougher. What remained unchanged was blogger outreach, because it was already the toughest method of link building. But the reason for it being so popular is that it is still the most effective way of link building. Here are the three approaches that people can follow, in order to make link building outreach a trouble-free process:

Proper Research:


The competition has increased for everyone on the internet. So, if a person tries to outreach to a popular blogger, they need to stand out in some way or the other. Because famous bloggers do not publish common or general content. They might even reject the person’s ideas/content various times because of multiple reasons. So if a marketer is looking out for a well-established blogger, they should keep in mind to do proper research.

This will include researching the blogger, what kind of content they post, what kind of market they target, and see how the pitching content can be made better. This way, the People can pitch with outstanding content and get their backlink. Most of the marketers, who reach out to bloggers, lack this strategy and end up bugging the blogger. They also do not provide proper communication and the blogger ends up rejecting their ideas.

Good content:

Outreach marketing is not a direct promotion method. So a person cannot just give the link to their website to someone and expect them to publish it somewhere. The links should be mentioned in properly framed content. The two main points that one should remember while framing the content are:

  • The content should be relevant to the content that is on the link’s website. For example, if the link directs people towards a sports website, so the content of the blog/article should be about sports. If the links are inserted into irrelevant content,
    it will seem forced and bloggers will reject it.
  • The links should flow naturally in the content. The person writing the content should remember to insert the links in proper places and not just put them randomly anywhere. This includes taking care of the word with which the website
    is linked. Linking the website with a random irrelevant word will look forced and the content will be rejected.

Impress the blogger:


Blogger outreach is not like other SEO methods because the marketer has to deal with an actual human here and not some algorithm. So, tricking the bloggers is not an option. Also, these bloggers have much experience in their field (the reason why they are popular), so it is not easy to convince them. The proper research mentioned in the first point can help in this. Knowing the blogger can help them in making their pitch better.

Also, as the outreached blogger is popular, there will be a competition too. Because several other marketers might also be trying to outreach the same blogger. So, the person has to make sure that their ideas stand out from the crowd and the blogger gets impressed by them. Only then, the blogger can be convinced to publish the content.


Link Building is not an easy SEO technique. The algorithms have gotten smarter with time. So, if the backlinks are not coming from trustworthy sites, the search engine can easily penalize the website. And that is the reason why marketers want to outreach only to popular bloggers. And by following these approaches, a blogger can be easily convinced to create a backlink and publish the content.

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