5 Paid Search Trends To Look Forward To

Digital marketing is a big topic of concern for businesses. With so many options available, it gets confusing for them which one to choose and which one to leave. Each one of them has its own pros and cons. The digital marketing method that most people opt for, is content marketing and SEO. SEO offers many techniques for promoting the business, both direct and indirect.

But the ultimate aim of all is to make it to the first position on SERPs. Another method of digital marketing is paid search, which is becoming quite popular nowadays. The main reason for the popularity of paid search is fast results. While SEOs can be convenient to maintain, they still tend to take time to show significant results.

Also, paid search provides better platforms to promote the business and they give measurable results. And if money is a point of concern for someone, then they should know that SEOs require some investment too, and even paid search is budget-friendly. With better technology coming into use, even paid searches are evolving. Over time, people have seen them getting better and it will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. So, here are the five paid search trends that people can expect to see in the near future:

Automation of Processes:

Humans tend to make mistakes. No matter how much they try, their efforts lag somewhere. And these mistakes sometimes cost heavy to the businesses. This is the main reason why almost all industries are moving towards automation. By using algorithms for decision-making, the number of errors made in a process can be reduced significantly.

And as everyone is moving towards automation, it will not be wrong to expect the same from paid search providers. The process of buying and adjusting the bids can be made seamline with the help of algorithms. Also, this will help in reducing the efforts of the managers of ad campaigns and will save money too.

Ads Within App will grow:

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Many businesses have already shifted their focus from websites to mobile apps. This is because people spend most of their time on their mobile phones. And they usually close the website tabs as soon as their purpose is solved. So, getting an app of the business installed on their phones can make them long term customers.

With this increasing app market, it is expected that the paid search results that appear within apps will grow and would be seen more frequently. With app indexing, which is already used by Google, a person can see in-app content by searching for it. And they don’t even need to install the app on their mobiles to see those results.

More and more platforms:

Google has been implementing its search engines wherever it is possible. Like, it has already combined it with the keyboard service, so people can directly search from their keyboards. And the search results are shown there too. Now only this, all search engines are constantly expanding their product lines. So more the product lines, more the platforms where the paid search results are displayed. And these product lines will only increase in the future and so will the paid search result platforms.

paid searchImprovement in local paid searches:

Local paid search is the section where all the local businesses appear on Google when someone makes a search related to those businesses. For example, the results of the “Near me” feature of Google search can be considered a local paid search. And everyone knows how google loves experimenting with its products. So it is possible that Google starts providing local advertising solutions to businesses.

Better personalized suggestions:

In this time of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, all the websites are giving personalized suggestions to their customers. So in the near future, people can expect to see personalized paid search results. This will help search engines in providing better results to the searchers as they would directly get what they like. And they will not have to go through all the searches again and again.


It is always important for businesses to keep track of future technology, as they can plan in advance for upgrading their systems. This can help them in becoming better than their competitors. So with these trends, they can easily plan for the future.

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