Ways To Get Comments For Blogs: 12 Questions You Need To Ask

Comments are undoubtedly the most vital element for bloggers, and without comments, a blog looks like a ghost house. It’s not required that every blog post must contain comments; however, any good post will definitely get comments, like critics, additional details, views, etc. The valuable data that readers give through comments help bloggers to understand if the blog posts need some information or if it is up to the mark. How to get blog comments? In this post, the ways to get comments are described. 

Do you create insightful content?

A suitable way to get comments is by increasing traffic, and to build that, the content must provide insights and useful information. When people go through your content, they should be satisfied. They would feel like it’s worth investing time or money.

Do you have a bad comment section?

Usually, after reading, people will like to leave a comment, and if they cannot, there’s a problem. At times, you might have read some beautiful blog posts and wanted to appreciate it, but the comment section wasn’t properly working. Therefore, ensure that you have a good comment system. 

Does your content connect emotionally?

According to a report, around 80% of people believe that online customers trust the information available on blogs. People like to interact more with others with whom they feel comfortable. Similarly, people will read through blogs that connect with them emotionally, creating a bond. 

Do you care for readers?

It’s important to try your level best to help your readers. You can reply to your readers through emails about their queries that they mention in the comment section. 

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Is your blog post asking for comments?

There is nothing wrong with asking for comments, and make sure that you do that. It’s not begging, but a polite invitation to your readers, and you can do it interestingly. For example: ask your readers to give some inputs if they have any, raise an issue for discussion, if they are looking for any particular topic, etc. 

How is your site design?

If readers do not like the design of your website, they will probably not be interested in reading your blogs. The design really matters a lot and is one of the blogging tips, so choose a layout that can highlight the comment section so that readers can easily navigate through it. 

Do you encourage idea sharing?

In blogging, brainstorming is the most difficult part, so you can ask your readers to share some ideas. As a result, you will have insights that will help in bringing variations in the topic you choose. It also makes your readers feel special when they come to know that their ideas are being considered. 

Have you ever thought about taking a stand?

Two sides are there to write blogs; one is writing an information post, and another is taking a firm stand against or for. Instead of always writing information content, look for variation by writing on a political topic either for or against. 

Do you prefer commenting on other blogs?

Networking is an important aspect for bloggers. And if you want them to comment on your blog, ensure that you do the same. When they receive a reply from your end, they also read your blog posts and comments on them.

Are you replying to the comments?How to get blog comments

The way you want readers to comment on your posts; similarly, they also like to receive a reply. Therefore, try to take out some time to reply to your readers. 

Are you sharing posts on social media?

It is essential to share your posts on social media as it will help you get comments from many people. Through social media, you can also build organic traffic for your website. 

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Do you get controversial?

At times, putting across your views is not wrong, and it might work in your favour. The more you try to open up, the more chances you have to connect with people. 

Include a comment section! 

Blog comments will help in ranking your site higher, and companies will like to approach you for promotions as the site has an immense fan base. It also helps in improving slow loading time, eliminating bad blog design, and creating more engaging content.

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