5 Useful Tips To Promote Your Evergreen Content

Did you ever think of promoting your old content or blog post? Probably not! You might have published it on social media platforms and shared it, and that’s all. Sharing and promoting your old content is as essential as updating your website with new content. By not promoting your previous blog posts, you are losing huge traffic.

According to a report, in around 14 months, a company has experienced an 1800% growth in traffic by promoting its blog posts. With that, you can understand the need to promote your blog content.  Many are not aware of evergreen content and how effective promotion takes place. Are you one of them, struggling to increase web traffic? If so, figure out the tricks to promote your evergreen content. But before going into the tricks, let us know a little about evergreen content.

Evergreen content:

When it comes to promoting content, first of all, it’s essential to understand how evergreen content needs to be selected. Evergreen content includes blog posts, articles that are as relevant as it would be two years later, or was a year ago.

If a blog describes certain sales or discounts, it is not an evergreen blog. But, if it describes, things you need to carry while going on a road trip, that’s evergreen content. Now that you have a basic idea about evergreen content, it’s time to know about the tips to promote your evergreen content. 

Share your content more often:

To get more traffic on your website, whenever you publish new content, feature your old content with that. It is one of the greatest promotional tricks, where you highlight the previous content.

Doing so helps to increase the click-through rates, enhances web traffic. To customize the post, you can add a hashtag, buffer for social media posts, provide an attractive intro, etc. The best way is whenever you are posting a new blog; share your old posts over and over again. 

promote your blog contentMaintain a schedule:

Content Market is growing fast, and reports show that more than 80% B2C and 90% B2B marketers are planning to use it. For effective results, they need to look for evergreen posts. Once you have identified the evergreen blogs, look for specific time slots to update your website.

Posting at a particular time slot will help you gain more traffic as there are fewer competitors. Additionally, when you post it, tag the author and also connect it to the previous blog. As a result, it promotes the evergreen blog post too. 

Share snippets:

The idea of taking little snippets from a blog and sharing it on social media will help promote a blog. It is done with the help of a process, known as The Snippet Strategy.

Suppose a blog post has ten aspects and each one is a small snippet. Therefore, if you follow this process, you can promote the same content 10 times with 10 unique lead-inks. It is an effective way to promote your evergreen content. 

Maintain an inventory of evergreen content:

Once you have identified the evergreen content, make sure to maintain an inventory. With that, you can know which content has been shared and which needs to be shared. Simultaneously, if you have an evergreen SEO list, you can update it regularly to enjoy more SEO traffic. 

Automated email for fresh subscribers: 

When a new person subscribes to your website, they should get an email concerning your blog posts. It will help them read the blog posts, and if they like, they will share them as well. In this way, you can get more traffic for your old posts. It is a great way to boost traffic for previous posts, and if someone likes your posts, they will also revert to your website to read more posts. 

Signing off!

If you wish to increase your traffic, you need to put a bit of effort into your promotion strategies. The above strategies are going to help you a lot to promote evergreen content. You will see that there is a huge change in web traffic after promoting your old content.

It also helps you to gain more followers over time, which turns out to be quite profitable for your company. Therefore, it’s time to boost your web traffic and increase conversion rates with evergreen content.

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