How Content Syndication Affects the Performance of Your Original Content – Good / Bad / Worse / Best?

Content syndication is a risky topic. Being a website owner, you want two things to be achieved. The first one is that audiences should read your content, and the second is you want them to buy your product from your site. But if you are uploading content on other sites, your audiences may go through it, but they won’t visit your site. Sometimes, your audiences may not read the content as it is on a different website. Well, to understand which situation will be better for you, you should know content syndication. Well, let’s check what it is and how it can affect performance. 

1. Content syndication 

Content syndication is when the leading third-party websites republish your blog or content that you have published on your site and link back to the original one. Republishing small and big content helps in providing fresh information to viewers. In this instance, the original author also gets benefitted as they are getting your brand in front of audiences. 

2. It’s not guest blogging

Content Syndication
Many people might confuse content syndication with guest blogging. Well, content syndication is not guest blogging. A guest post is a new content writing for one publication. However, content syndication is republishing the same piece of content. 

3. SEO and Content Syndication 

Google never likes duplicate content. It will not directly charge you for such a piece of content but can affect the SEO performance. It means that syndicate content is not similar to duplicate content. But Google allows you to syndicate content as long as you are careful and make it obvious to search engines. For that, you can include a link back to the original content, getting the third-party publication. 

4. Can Google detect the original source? 

Content Syndication
If you do not signify the original source of the content, it will be difficult for Google to get the location. It is said that more than 30% of the content on the internet is duplicate. Many websites are there that simply take the content and upload it, outranking the original source. But the good news is Google wished to rank the original content first. While syndicating content, you can look for different ways to tell Google where the original content is. A suitable way is by linking back to the exact original URL. 

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Wrapping up 

Two ways are there for content syndication; paid and free. The paid version is to concentrates on using tools, allowing you to get content recommended in several publications. In the free version, you can look for the right publication to pitch your content. It helps in building partnerships one at a time. Republishing a piece of content on high-quality websites can earn more viewers on your website. 

Hopefully, with the above information, you can understand how content syndication is beneficial. It will help in attracting more audiences to your brand and enhancing your business. It is the best practice that businesses should look for. 


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