Want To Get Your Guest Post Published? Here Are Some Blogs That Will Accept It

When you are interested in building your name within the digital marketing industry, guest blogging is the best technique. Guest blogging can help spread your brand’s message and grow your brand at the same time. By posting your content on digital marketing media that accepts guest posts, you can trust your targeted audience.

But before you pitch the blogs, it is crucial that you know what kind of content they need. All you need to do is understand their editorial standards and area of interest so that you can provide them with blogs that match their requirements.

Types of blogs that publish guest posts:

 There are several Digital Marketing Blogs That Accepts Guest Posts, and there is evidence that proves it is true. A recent study shows that about 60% of the blogs publish around 1 to 5-guest posts per month. Also, there’s a considerable number of blogs that publish around 100-guest posts per month. To know about these blogs that accept guest posts, take a look at the information provided below.

1. Netpeak Software:

blogs that accept guest posts

SOURCE: netpeaksoftware

This blog accepts guest posts that cover practical and exciting angles of digital marketing and SEO. To avoid pitching any topic that the blog has already published, make sure to go through all their previous posts carefully. Lastly, do not forget to read their guidelines properly, as it will prevent any rejection and not waste your precious time.

2. OnCrawl:

SOURCE: labs.oncrawl

The bloggers from this particular blog site post and write about technical SEO that helps in providing site speed optimization and crawls in budgets. Before you think of posting your guest post on this blog, get in touch withRebecca Barbel,” as she is the right individual to talk to when it comes to guest post contributions. Do not forget to learn and understand the blog’s guidelines, as well.

3. SEMrush:

blogs that accept guest posts

SOURCE: in.pcmag

Many of you know SEMrush to be one of the best digital marketing toolkits, but do you know it also has a popular blog? Yes, it does. It is a place where the SEMrush team and many professional guest-post authors post about everything related to digital marketing like digital PR, PPC, etc.

But their guidelines are pretty strict and it is convenient for you, as you do not have to wait for clarification to start your work on a post. The best thing about the SEMrush blog is that you can submit all your posts directly to their site. But it is highly requested that you get in touch with their blog editor before posting your content.

4. Moz:

SOURCE: in.pcmag

Moz is viewed as one of the most popular blogs in digital marketing, and this particular blog prefers content that is original and equipped with a unique perspective. They also want content that will provide distinct value to the readers, and for such reasons, they favor content like “case studies,” “how-tos,” and “research.” When you have plenty of resources, research will be your winning horse, and this is what many guest post writers have done in the past several years.

5. Serpstat:

blogs that accept guest posts

SOURCE: christopherjanb

Since the SERPstat is currently growing its community, so they are looking for content that will help them connect well with other influencers. Posts that have quotes from experts and professionals are accepted here.

If you want your collaboration to be beneficial, then you must provide something in return. For instance, you can help the guys from SERPstat with their social media, and pay close attention to what they share. Also, don’t forget to go through all the areas of their guidelines.

6. Ahrefs:

SOURCE: in.pcmag

Ahrefs does have a popular blog, and for this reason, they are selective about the type of content they publish. In other words, they will accept content pieces if they are 100-percent original copies, have practical angles, and unique strategies.

The chances of your content getting recognized in this blog will be higher if you are a massive fan of the Ahrefs tool. Remember, cold pitching will not get you a spot in their editorial calendar, and with this blog, you first need to build a healthy relationship. You can start by running discussions and commenting on their Facebook group, known as the Ahrefs Insider. 

Publish your guest posts in the popular blogs available on the internet

Guest blogging can help your brand in many ways, and one of the best ways is by posting them on digital marketing blogs. By doing so, it will help you build your brand, and also reach out to your targeted audience.


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