8 Amazing Click-Bait Headlines That Generate Results

Click-bait headlines or titles will catch you off guard in the search results and also on popular news websites.

But do you know Click-bait Headlines are also hated by quite a few people?  

This is due to the fact they are outright ridiculous, sensationalist, or misleading.

But if you use the click-bait headlines appropriately, then they will not just entice you to read a valuable story, but will also provide you with advertisements and click-through revenues. 

Types of click-bait headlines to generate the best results

If you use click-bait headlines without tricking or misleading it, you can generate results that will help you gain success.

There are several types of click-bait headlines that you should know of. 

X Reasons Why:

The “X Reasons why” headline is something that you have seen many times. This is one of the most effective headlines that can drive in social media clicks and engagement.

It is a type of headline that comes with a mystery, as the readers will not know, what exactly the reasons are and that makes them curious. 

For such reasons, they click on the content to find out. “10 Reasons why noise-canceling headphones are known to be the best”, and “27 Reasons why all the celebrities love this particular item” are some of the examples of this headline. 


Clickbait Headlines

source: thebalance

Whether you have brand recognition or not it doesn’t matter, but you can take the help of the piggybacking method to receive some drive and authority clicks. 

It involves referencing a particular organization or a figure concerning your post or brand.

If you are lucky enough to feature a reputed figure, or just simply do a follow-up piece on an interview or news story then you can simply use the piggybacking technique for it.

It will help you grab plenty of attention and attract many visitors.

This is What:

Clickbait Headlines

source: thisiswhy.wesleyan

Under this clickbait headline, you will be curious about what you find, when you click through a page that has this particular headline.

This clickbait is pretty common, but it can go awry if you try to be too secretive in the title. 

When you use this type of headline avoid putting “This is why you are lonely or This is why you are losing money.

These types of headlines are too cryptic and broad. Create headlines that will provide your readers with context and make them less skeptical of what your content is all about.

You Can Now:

This type of headline is known to be a favorite as it implies readers that they will achieve, get, or do things, which they have never done before.

The appeal of novel data is enough to make individuals click through your post. 

There are several types of interesting headlines or titles that you can create by using “You Can Now” and some of them are “You can now land more customers without X”, “You can now save money through this brand-new strategy.

The Last…You Will Ever Need:

If you are into eCommerce then this particular headline is ideal for you. It will position your item as the last “X” an individual will ever need.

This is also a huge relief for products, which many people purchase regularly.

You Won’t Believe:

source: facebook

The “You Won’t Believe It” headline can be pretty offensive when it comes to misleading and clickbait headlines.

But you can make it effective by being more descriptive and so that it doesn’t tick off your audience.

Instead of going for headlines like “You won’t believe this hack, go for titles like “Amazing hacks you won’t believe exists or “Unique Inventions you won’t believe exists. 


Sometimes, individuals might want to see the “secret sauce” before they think of putting the details into practice. 

When you create headlines or titles with “SEE”, it helps in building an information gap where individuals get the impression that you have something interesting to provide. 

Why You Should:

When you are interested in creating an SEO Clickbait headline that is pretty bossy and wants to tell your targeted readers what to do, then you need to provide a reason for it.

Through this headline, you will not just provide your readers with helpful tips but you will also entice their interest to read more.  

Wrapping Up!

There are several types of clickbait headlines or titles that can bring positive outcomes to your website.

If you use them correctly, then they will not jeopardize the reputation or the credibility of your brand. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating the best headlines to grab the attention of potential readers!

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