Are GIFs Good For SEO? Here’s Everything You Need To Know When Using GIFs In Your Web Content In 2021

Meme marketing is the latest marketing technique. Reports have provided evidence that brands are receiving a higher ROI (Return of Investment) when they work with meme accounts than the traditional influencers. The majority of individuals tend to use GIFs in their personal lives. Businesses of today are pretty tentative about using GIFs in their web content to gain online success. You will find GIFs all over the internet, but the place to look for them is at GIPHY. It’s the largest GIF search engine, which is owned by Facebook. GIPHY gets around 200-billion, which is 10% of searches each day. 

What exactly is a GIF?

GIF, also pronounced as gif or jif, is an animated media file. You can embed it into online public content or a personal message. It is also known as the loss-less format for picture files that supports both static and animated images. GIFs gained plenty of popularity during the 1980s. It stands out as the best way to describe a particular scenario or emotions in a much more entertaining and dynamic format. The GIFs gained the spotlight through Steve Wilhite in the form of black and white images. But these days, designers and developers are creating colourful and animated GIFs. 

Ways Google crawl out the GIFs

Google similarly reads the GIFs to how it reads all the images. But the search engine reads all the GIFs with much greater concentration so that they can be reached and shared through Google images. If you want to make sure that all your GIFs are getting indexed, crawled, and parsed with the help of Google Image Optimization techniques. 

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How good are the GIFs for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

So, Are GIFs good for SEO? Well, they are but in a certain way. They stand out to be an excellent option for SEO, just like all the well-crafted pictures are for SEO. They will help in driving in clicks and also keep the people engaged with it as well. You can easily GIFs across various social platforms. Remember, a GIF that is shareable and well-branded will stay for a long time within the GIF environment. The majority of individuals love GIFs. When you use them, it will help in breaking down the long articles. It will also add relatability to the content you create. But make sure to provide the GIFs correctly and do not let them slow your website down. 

Things to know about GEO or GIF Engine Optimization

Are GIFs good for SEO

The GEO or GIF engine optimization is the method through which you can create and optimize all your GIFs. It will also help them rank higher within the SERPs on the GIF search engine. Just like all search engines, the GIF search engine wants to provide each of the users with exceptional solutions for all their searches without any delay. The GEO opts for the same techniques as SEO, such as implementation, keyword research, creation, and planning. 

Use GIF in your web content

When you utilize the GIF content effectively, it will help you increase engagement within a specific post or content. They are an excellent option for all users as it will increase the traffic to your website. With the help of GIFs, you will achieve plenty of positive outcomes when you use them correctly. 

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