Where Can You Find The Best Memes And GIFs? 

GIFs are said to come a long way as they were invented in 1987 and transformed into popular photo formats from an internet oddity by the mid-2000s.

These GIFs and memes are mainly used to convey your feelings to your friends through chatting, and it can be used to have a word with your fellow blog audience. Experts say that by 2027, it will become a primary means of communication. 

Understanding the importance of Memes and GIFs

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GIFs help make communication that stands out to be much more engaging and charismatic between the consumers and the brand. To increase the GIFs’ effectiveness, you need to use the right set of visuals to enhance them.

Apart from that, all types of brands are taking the help of GIFs for their social media strategy. According to recent studies, about 84% of the communication in the year 2018 was performed visually.

Where to find the best GIFs and Memes?

Experts have claimed that people will only remember only 10% of the information shown right after three days. But if an image is included with that said information, then about 65% of the individuals will remember it within three days.

If you want to know where you can find the best GIFs memes on the internet, then take a look at the information below. 


best GIFs memes

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GIPHY is one of the best websites where it serves around 1-billion GIFs per day for its millions of users. Jace Cooke and Alex Chung founded it in 2013, and it is considered to be one of the best places to start your GIF-hunting mission.

GIPHY is not just the best place for all types of GIFs, but it is also known to integrate all the popular messaging applications. You will get to exchange GIFs with your colleagues and get APIs as well.

2. Reddit

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Reddit is one of those places where you will find Perfect GIFs & Memes from the most profound areas of the internet. Even though it is a mess and user-moderated, you will come across GIFs and Memes that are said to be pure gold.

You will also receive a list of GIF-based “subreddits,” but please avoid the subreddits that fall under that particular list. 

3. Tenor

best GIFs memes

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 The Tenor is well-known to be the inventor of the GIF keyboard, and it was initially known as Riffsy. It is considered to be a competitor of GIPHY as they have similar search functions and identical layouts. But the only difference between Tenor and GIPHY is their GIF collection.

If you use the same word and search for GIFs both in Tenor and GIPHY, you will find that the search results are entirely different from each other.

4. Imgur

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If you are frustrated with all the directories and wish to get straight to the source, then Imgur is the right place for you. It is a popular image hosting site that gives everyone the freedom to upload.

When compared with Reddit, it has some similar and unique GIFs and Memes that are entirely out of this world. To get the best GIFs and Memes on this site, all you need to do is perform plenty of digging.

5. Tumblr

 Tumblr is a website that is a set of plenty of Memes and GIFs, which will keep you absorbed for hours. You will get the chance to follow personal blogs that you love and stay updated with all the new Memes and GIFs.

Apart from that, Tumblr will also provide you with topics based on events, movies, and sports, along with that, you will also receive chats, inspirational videos, and quotes.

6. Gfycat

If you view it from a hosting perspective, then you will find it to be one of the best websites for GIFs. The sites bridge the gap between HTML5 videos and GIFs by delivering both of them together. It also aims to provide a much faster playback and delivery option for all its fellow users.

Although the website’s search function is not that good compared with other websites, it provides a bucket-load of categories.

Share Memes & GIFs through the best websites.

When words are not enough to convey the message or feeling, then taking the help of a good GIF and Meme will be the right thing to do.

It will not just help in communicating with your friends and family but will also break the monotony of long paragraphs of messages. 

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