10 Unique Elements And Examples Of Blog Designs And Layouts For Optimal Designing

Blogs are ranked the third most trustworthy source of information, which is why bloggers are more popular than journalists, politicians, and celebrities. But being a blogger, you must have some exceptional skills seeing which your audience will fall in love with your blogs. Well, the first aspect to keep in consideration is the Blog Layouts And Design. If your website is not visually attractive, it will be hard for you to get people on board. Keeping that into consideration, the ten unique examples of blog designs and layouts are: 

Help Scout

At times, the simplest design can also become the best design, and Help Scout is one of them. It has a minimal design and limits the usage of visuals and copy, and allows you to include a banner on the top. The icons are bright, and the design is clean. 


Adobe utilizes the white space in your blog beautifully by featuring the images. It has a particular column where all the content will be visible so that readers can easily pick up which one they like to read. It has a clean design, and you can share and bookmark content according to your requirement. 

Microsoft Stories

Microsoft Stories resembles an old-school brand, boosting your blog, and making it look more interactive. The square layout and the message speak about the blog, helping to communicate with the audience before they even go through it. 


Once you see the design of Wistia, you will fall in love with it. The layout uses clear headings and fonts, giving more attention to content. It targets the right content while streamlining the user experience. The clean design makes your website look aesthetically beautiful. 

Design Milk

If you are looking for a contemporary design outlet, you can go ahead with Design Milk. When readers open the blog post and read through it, and a sidebar appears to the right, showcasing thumbnail images. The social icons at the top enhance the feel and overall look of the website. The internal link strategy available on the layout makes it authentic. 

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Around 80% of consumers believe that a colour scheme enhances the recognition of your blog. In this regard, it is a well-designed blog with a colour scheme and style. It is a layout that explores the startup cycle and highlight bars, and the background. 


It showcases a four-column grid and is organized and super clean. On the top right corner, the four tabs allow the readers in sorting the articles by theme. The funniest thing with Beyond is when you change a specific theme, and the titles shuffle accordingly, giving a beautiful user experience. It increases the size of the images to attract more readers, and the title is highlighted far above the content. 

Urban Influence

When it comes to simplicity, Urban Influence is another example to look for. The grid panelling and three columns create a beautiful symmetry throughout the page, and the readers have an opportunity to filter through themes. While reading through the content, the photos have a visual effect that you will not get in others. 

Webdesigner Depot

The design of Webdesigner Depot is appealing, and once the readers look at the website, they will go through it. It incorporates all social sharing icons, making it easier for readers to share blogs with others. It also has a navigation arrow, and the fonts, color scheme, and background are consistent. Not only that, but the blog templates also are a factor why bloggers would prefer this design.  


It has a sleek design and includes some personalization, and on the homepage, the readers can side-scroll to see the highlighted content. If you are looking for a creative website, you should go ahead with Fubiz. The design of the website will visually attract readers to go through your blogs. 

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Go for the best!

Every layout is different, which is why it gives a unique look to your website. The Optimal Designing of the layout will attract your audiences and convince them to read your blogs every time you come up with a new one. That way, you can be much ahead of your competitors and attract traffic to your website.

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