An Easy And Quick Guide To Master PPC Advertising

Earlier, businesses used to spend dollars to feature their company on TV, in newspapers, or on radios. But, over time, a lot of things have changed. Nowadays, to achieve the desired result, marketers can customize, as well as target their advertisements.

If you are not using PPC as your marketing method, it’s time to start thinking about it. Around 65% of people view Google advertisements when they decide to purchase a product. If you wish to increase the PPC conversion rate, this guide will be helpful. Take a look at it:

By using advertisement extensions:

First, you must know that PPC is quite competitive. Even if you are successful in making your targeted keyword rank on the front page, you still have to compete with other advertisements for the searcher’s attention. Along with that, customers would like to opt for a product that can provide an easy and personalized buying experience. As an example, around 70% of people like to opt for a product that has a brand name in the market. By using advertisement extensions, you can make your PPC ad stand out among your competitors. 


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With the help of keywords, Bing and Google can decide what you are exactly looking for. When someone opens Google and types black shoes, a scanning process will start and if your advertisement includes these words, it will appear on the front page.

If it’s not there, the ad will not appear. Moreover, there are other factors based on which you can determine whether the ad will appear or not. These aspects are keyword bids, negative keywords, keyword matching, variation in the keyword, and so on. 

Optimize for mobile:

If the advertisement is supported only on computers, it is not going to help you out. Because compared to desktop users, there are more mobile users. More than half of the search work is done through Smartphones.

Moreover, the time spent by the users on mobiles is much higher compared to laptops. That is why; the advertisement should be accessible to mobile users also as it is the sole growth of PPC advertisements


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A buyer should opt for the product just after looking at the advertisement for once. As a result, the marketer’s job would be easier. But, this may not always happen. In that case, if more people are exposed to a thing, it is more likely that the product would be viewed on the website.

In this way, a preference can be developed. Well, by sticking to this principle, you can increase the marketing of the product. Retargeting is a process where the ads will target the people who are already present in their contact list. It has been found that retargeting can increase the conversion rate by 50%



Increasing the PPC mileage:

Do you want your PPC campaign to be featured on the front page for the longest time? For that, you must understand the importance of CTAs, sticking to the budget, focusing on the targeted keywords, analyzing and testing data, and so on. If it is done properly, it can increase the CTRs and also help in reaching new clients. As a result, it would be quite beneficial for your website. 

Stats about PPC:

PPC is one of the efficient ways that can help a website to reach potential customers. However, it is the right way to promote your business, which helps in increasing your profit quickly. Some of the stats about PPC are listed below. 

  • PPC helps in increasing brand awareness by 80%, which is a huge number.
  • Compared to display posts, video advertisements are featured more than 70% time. 
  • More than 90% of Google revenue comes from paid advertisements. 
  • Around 650,000 apps post Google apps, which are revealed by the PPC stats. 

Start PPC advertising!

Are you new to Paid per Click Marketing? If so, the above information is going to help you a lot. It can be complex if you do not specify your goals. PPC, done in the right way, can help in growing your business. It can also be profitable for companies, who wish to drive their sales. If you are looking forward to more qualified clients on your website, Pay-per-Click campaigns can help you with that!

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