Which is important? SEO or PPC?

Well, when it’s all about increasing traffic on your website, there are two ways. One is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and another one is Pay per Click advertising (PPC). However, the first thing that one must understand is the difference between SEO and PPC.

The traffic that is coming from SEO is organic, but PPC is the one for which you need to make a payment. Because of this reason, PPC is termed as paid. Both PPC, as well as SEO, are used as effective “internet marketing campaigns“. 

Paid Search Advertising and Organic Traffic:

However, there are a few parameters based on which you can decide whether the advertisement will appear on the top of the pages or at the bottom. Come let’s understand the parameters first.

Search result position

Depending on some parameters, such as keywords in your advertisement, targeting keywords, landing page keywords, and many more, it is determined where the advertisement will appear. The entire list of factors, along with other parameters, helps to understand whether your advertisement will appear at the bottom or top of the page. 

It also depends on how optimized your website is both off-site, as well as on-site. In the middle of the page also, the organic results can appear. By paying an amount, you can get your advertisement on the first page. If your website is highly optimized, you can get the position on the first page

Potential of the traffic

SEO or PPC? Which one can get you more traffic on your website?  If you are successful in managing your website at the top ranks on SERPs with the help of keywords, you can get better traffic rather than paying for it. SEO can help in getting more traffic compared to PPC. It means when your site is at the top rank, you will have a continuous flow of traffic round the clock. It depends on the popularity of the keyword

Organic traffic is better compared to paid traffic in terms of cost. However, if you cannot get a position on the first page with the keyword, paying for it is the only option. Because featuring on the second or third page will bring negligible traffic. PPC traffic is effective and you get more traffic when you pay more for it. 

Ease of use

If you do not have proper knowledge, it is difficult to use both PPC and SEO. SEO is the one that consumes a lot of time to rank on the first page. You need to put in a lot of effort to make your company feature on the first page with SEO. 

On the other end, to efficiently use PPC, you need to hire a PPC professional to ensure your company features on the front page. You will also require spending money to make sure that it is done properly. 

Interesting facts about SEO and PPC:

Which is important? SEO or PPC?

Source: DoFollowMedia

The ongoing changing reality of PPC and SEO is interesting, as well as intimidating. Some of the interesting facts regarding both SEO and PPC are stated below. 

  1. More than 50% of the marketing executives have said that “on-page content development” is one of the most effective SEO efforts. 
  2. Long-tail keywords” have a higher search rate of 5% compared to the generic ones. 
  3. Compared to PPC, more than 70% of individuals think that SEO is more important and effective. 
  4. Brand awareness can be increased by at least 80% if you opt for PPC. 
  5. Around 40% of the companies have increased their budget to spend on PPC. 
  6. It has also been found that 65% of the buyers come through PPC. 

These interesting facts can help in determining the amount of traffic that you can receive on your website while opting for PPC or SEO. 

Specify your objective!

For effectiveness, as well as long term value, building a website is the most integral part. You need to spend a lot of time to rise to SERPs. It is highly imperative to determine your bottom lines and then decide upon the right marketing channelConsidering the importance of business marketing and website traffic, SEO must be your priority, whereas PPC can guide your website in attracting specific clients

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