Exemplary Facts About Digital Vs. Inbound Marketing

Do you know how you can determine whether a product or a show is worthwhile or not? However, it depends on how people would like to opt for it. Most People would not turn down an opportunity even if they have watched a show several times or used the products for years. Well, all of it depends upon the marketing of the product or the show. Below is a brief description of two types of marketing that is inbound and digital marketing.

Digital Marketing:

Are you merely trying to grow your brand awareness? If so, digital marketing would be the right option. Different digital marketing tactics will help you in getting old visitors to your website. It is data-driven marketing that helps achieve short term goals.

By posting an advertisement on Facebook, uploading a video, or increasing traffic to your website, you can achieve your targets. On the other way, short-term goals, along with brand awareness, are referred to as digital marketing.

Interesting facts about Digital Marketing:

According to research work, compared to 2016, there is an increase of 50% in digital marketing. Some of the interesting facts about digital marketing are listed below.

  • Around 80% of viewers would like to watch a video compared to reading an online description of the product.
  • Tweets that contain images get retweeted 150% more times compared to the one that is without images.
  • According to a source, more than 120 emails are being received or sent by an average business organization.

After reading the above facts, you can quickly determine how digital marketing can help in creating brand awareness.

Inbound Marketing:

Are you focusing on getting new clients to your website or pushing the services or the product to them? If so, inbound marketing would be apt. An inbound marketing tool is one that combines the entire tactics of digital marketing to form a larger strategy.

By creating an inbound marketing strategy, qualified leads can be drawn towards your website by creating compelling content. With the help of inbound marketing, you can develop a page that helps in capturing people who are interested in the product or the service.

Developing calls-to-actions pages, as well as landing pages, are also done in inbound marketing. In the end, the entire digital marketing tactics are combined to form an inbound marketing strategy. It works for a more extended period in getting qualified leads, as well as boosting the conversion rates. By combining long term goals, and qualified leads, inbound marketing is formed.

Interesting facts on Inbound Marketing:

Most of them are wary before opting for inbound marketing. On that note, a few interesting facts about inbound marketing are given below.

  • According to research work, the companies that are using inbound marketing, there is an increase of 12% from 6% in the “average site conversion rate.”
  • An inbound marketing strategy can provide a 12 times higher “year-over-year return.”
  • More landing pages means your website will have leads.
  • More than 50% of your competitors are already using inbound marketing, so don’t get left behind.

By reading the above facts, you must feel like why haven’t you opt for inbound marketing earlier. Isn’t it?

Differences between Digital and Inbound Marketing:

Digital Vs. Inbound Marketing

Source: DigitalMarketer

A few key differences between inbound and digital marketing ate listed below.

  • Main objective

Inbound marketing concentrates on posting creative blogs or articles, whereas digital marketing is used to increase brand awareness by posting various visual elements.

  • Motive

Companies that are looking forward to increasing the number of qualified visitors must opt for inbound marketing. Digital marketing is for the one who is interested in creating brand awareness among people.

  • Period

Inbound marketing is for accomplishing long term objectives by driving qualified customers towards the company’s website. Digital marketing is opted to attain short-term goals like increasing traffic, creating brand awareness, and so on.

The bottom line!

It’s all up to you on which marketing strategy you wish to implement to achieve your goals. Digital marketing is here to play for a short time, whereas inbound marketing is here to survive for a longer period. More in-depth facts have been provided here so that it becomes easier for you to determine which one would be the best.

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