What Are Backlinks And How Can You Get Them?

Every company needs a good SEO strategy and it should be first targeted towards the company’s website. This will help in keeping the website updated and remain algorithm-friendly. Apart from that, regular audits should take place as well. But mind you, the on-site SEO will not be enough, as you also have to take care of the off-site SEO campaign.

This is because it will increase your rankings on SERPs or search engine result pages. The only way you can get it done is through backlinks. So, what are backlinks? In simple words, they are keywords or anchor text, which is present within the content on the internet that links back to your site.

For instance, if a blogger reviews your product or service in their blog, then they will provide the link to your site. Google uses these backlinks to verify how popular a particular website is. This is because backlinks have the power to increase a website’s visibility within the search engines. However, about 60% of the pages, which are ranking on the top 10 search results in Google, are more than 3-years-old. On the other hand, companies that are engaged with blogging are known to receive about 97% backlinks on their website.

Therefore, studies have shown that within one year of publication, only 5.7% of the pages will rank on the top 10 search results. Backlinks have become important for SEO these days and you need to take the right steps to get them.

Why do you need to worry when building links?

What are backlinks?

Link building is considered to be important when it comes to increasing your ranking on the search engine result pages. The first result on the Google search result will receive a third of all the traffic for that particular search.

The second-place search results will only get 17% if you do not find yourself in the 1st place in the search results. This means you will not receive any organic traffic and you have to turn towards PPC (pay-per-click), which might become pretty expensive for you.

Link building is known to be cost-effective as it will drive only organic traffic towards your website. Google, on the other hand, looks up to content that is meaningful, interesting, and user-friendly. This will allow the website to rank at the top position within the search engine results.

That is why you must start linking high-quality and legitimate links to your website. To do so, you can opt for influencer marketing, perform guest blogging, and reviews. Otherwise, you can hire the services of a professional digital marketing company.

How will you get backlinks?

You will come across many ways through which you can get backlinks for your website. The first thing you must do is create high-quality and share-worthy content. This is considered to be the best organic and white-hat method available and all backlink campaigns must start from here itself. But yes, there are numerous other types of methods that you can use and they are:

  • Press releases.
  • Getting your brand into the news.
  • Listing your company on local directories, for example, Google Maps.
  • Take the help of a good link building service, which will help you create a backlink campaign right from scratch. Make sure it sticks with Google’s guidelines and takes the help of white-hat techniques.

Backlinks are known to be an important factor, as Google’s Penguin algorithm uses the backlinks to determine how relevant your website is for certain searches. Apart from that, the Penguin algorithm also determines the quality of the content through the backlinks. Therefore, make sure you do not accidentally violate the terms and conditions by using the black-hat techniques. If you do, then you will be delisted from Google completely.

Building backlinks requires a great deal of hard work and patience. If you get it done correctly, then all your hard work will be paid off, as you will see your website ranking at the top of Google’s search engine result pages, but remember to be completely realistic with your goals.

Final note!

Link building is important and should be done either by an expert or you can do by yourself. Be sure to build or create links that will be beneficial for your website and your business.

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