Wish To Lead The SERPs? Here’s Why You Should Focus On Topics and Not On Keywords

Keywords play an integral role with SEO, but when it comes to dominating SERPs, the focus should be on the topic. Everyone has shifted towards a topic-focused mindset instead of a keyword-focused mindset, bringing a massive change in the results in today’s era. To know more about how you can Dominate SERPS by Focusing on Topics Instead of Keywords, take a look here. 

Keywords vs. Topic

For many, it might be challenging to understand the difference between keyword and topic. The topic is considered a better holistic approach than keyword research, as topics contain a lot of queries and terms. The focus on topic gives the flexibility to create content on various aspects like:

  1. Initial-journey content 
  2. From the business viewpoint 
  3. Problem-solving skills

Creating content in different areas helps your audiences better understand the company and its products. Here is a brief introduction of how you can lead SERPs.

Framing your strategy

It is an essential aspect to frame your strategy and to do that, and you can consult your team. If you are doing it for the first time, you can frame a strategy and change it afterwards. While strategizing, ensure to pay more attention to topics and it should not be Keyword-focus. The topic gives a better understanding of the needs and requirements of the audiences. Search for topics that need to be covered, and based on that, ask important questions, as it attracts more leads. 

Take the competitor’s benefit

When it comes to SEO, the essential aspect you need to consider is how your content can perform well. Find out a topic and start building your approach accordingly. Check which are the areas that your competitors are targeting? Consider this to be your baseline, and with that, you can start developing your content. It will give you a higher advantage to lead SERPs. Ensure that you have not copied even a single line from any other content as it can affect your brand reputation. 

Content purpose

With time, a lot of changes have been experienced in a search engine, and that’s why; you need to understand the purpose behind content creation. It might look easier for you to identify topics with SEO tools, but understanding the purpose of creating content is essential. Knowing the importance of content creation can bring a massive change in the audience list and overall growth. 

Structure of the website

While developing content, it’s crucial to organize the topic appropriately. Using proper structure helps the readers to go through the content easily. Be particular while considering topics and writing on them as a search engine has the ability to sense relevant content. If you are copying from anywhere, the results will show that.

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Consider a few tips

  1. The main aspect you need to consider is only an effective and convenient strategy that can help you receive effective results. 
  2. Also, it is essential to keep a note on what your competitors are doing. If they are earning more leads than you, then your website is lagging behind. If so, what is the reason behind it? You need to find that out.  
  3. There is nothing bad about learning things from your competitors, but do not copy anything as it can hurt the brand’s reputation. 
  4. While creating content, do not write for the sake of posting it; instead, understand why you are writing it. 
  5. Collect in-depth information and invest more time in researching the content and then start writing. 
  6. To maximize the positive results, you need to first understand what you are writing and what you wish to convey to your audience. If you aren’t sure, how can you guide your readers? 
  7. It is also vital to ensure that the content is posted in an organized way, one subtopic after the other, to make it easier for readers to understand. 
  8. If the content fails to deliver the main objective, of course, your users will lose interest, so ensure that it does not happen. 

Final notes 

Now that you know how you can dominate SERPs, it’s time to decide on the topic and start creating content. Plan a strategy and implement it to ensure that there is no negative effect on the leads. Combining content marketing strategies with the above tips will help you to have higher efficiency. 

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