Tips To Create An Awesome Blog Post In 5 Steps

You might have experienced situations where people who visit your blog post leave without reading it right till the end. The worst part is that the people who view your blog posts on social media platforms that you use do not even think of clicking on them. To grab the attention of your users, you need to create unique blog posts. 

You will get around 2 to 3-seconds to grab your online audience’s attention, convince them to click on your blog post and make them read it completely. Good-quality and attractive blog posts will help in growing your business and also help you gain plenty of loyal and trusted subscribers. 

How to create a blog post?

Creating a blog post is not that difficult. All you need to do is write about a specific topic that will easily attract the attention of your users. To know how to write a blog, please take a look at the steps listed below.

1. Get to know your audience: 

Before you start with your blog writing, you must know who exactly your audience is and what they are looking for. Don’t waste your time guessing on what your audience wants, try to conduct proper competitor analysis and industry research. Although it sounds pretty complicated, it’s not as there are a variety of resources available that will make your life much easier. You can conduct your research on social media platforms, learn what your customers need, and then start writing a blog that matches their requirements. 

2. Choose compelling headlines:

You must always provide a compelling headline to your blog post. Otherwise, your content will not be shared or read. Humans are pretty shallow, so they are bound to judge a book by its cover and a blog post by its headline. For such reasons, the title of your blog post is important for the success of your content. You can use the EMV headline analyzer tool to find out the emotional marketing value of your title. The analyzer will make sure you are providing the best and the most clickable headlines to your content. 

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3. Add short paragraphs and subheads to break up the content:

Formatting stands out as an important part of every blog post. Apart from that, formatting is one of the most essential steps for blog creation, as your users will not like reading a big giant paragraph. On certain occasions, many individuals will skim through the entire content before they think of reading it. For such reasons, breaking up your content in small parts and providing subheads is the right thing to do. It will make the reading process to be simple, and your users will have a good understanding of your blog.

4. Use the bullet points:

People will go through the blog before they even start reading it. That is why you must highlight all the important and the best information. By doing so, your audience will quickly see that your blog post is worth their time. Even though subheadings are a good option, the bullet points provide a much easier way for your users to go through all the useful and essential information mentioned in your blog. 

When you are using bullet points for your blog post make sure you express clear advantages and take the bullets as mini-subheads. Try to keep your bullets symmetrical, avoid bullet clutter, and keep in mind that the bullets are not sentences. 

5. Use pictures or images:

Experts have provided evidence that the human brain has the power to process visual content when compared with text-based ones. For this reason, adding eye-catching visuals to your content will help in increasing engagement. You will come across a wide range of free resources to look for royalty-free and high-quality pictures. But to be honest, it will be much better if you take the photographs by yourself. 

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Although stock photos are excellent for the pinch, they are not personal. If you are looking for stock photos, then you can take a look at Shutterstock, which is a well-known and popular stock photo site. 

Over to you

Producing high quality and excellent blog posts will not just boost your leads, but will also enhance your online visibility. Be sure to create blog posts that are helpful, interesting, and informative, so that they can grab the attention of your potential audience. Try to produce blog posts that will match the requirements of your users, as they will be highly beneficial for you.

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