How to produce high quality content?

Producing high-quality content is not just an option but a necessity if you wish your website to rank higher on Google ranking.

Once the Google algorithm worked entirely based on SEO and backlinks but now, the algorithm also has criteria for quality of content available on the website to certify its ranking.

This also means that a website with low quality of content will never be able to make it on top 10 pages or even on the later ones.

 If you are using software to rewrite existing and published articles, it is time for you to stop and invest in well researched high-quality content.

This practice may even get your website suspended. When you put in the right quality of content your website deserves, it will earn a reputation because as they say “content is the king” and it is all that establishes a reputation for your website.

 If you do not know how to curate high-quality content that can earn you the right ranking on Google algorithm, here are 4 simple steps you need to take care of and work with.

Also, invest time in quality, not quantity. Do not run in parallel to your competitors and post hundreds of articles just for the sake of it. Post just 10 but with superior quality, relevance, advanced research, and readability.

1. Take inspiration and learn from others

 If you do not know where to start from, take a minute, relax, take a breath. Now, check several websites in relevance to your website. Surf through them.

Read their content, take an idea, and learn. Take notice of what is getting more response from the audience and what is going down the hill.

Now come back to the information and content you have on your computer. Work on it and modify it with the inspiration you have taken.

Make sure you keep your content original. Taking inspiration is acceptable, plagiarism, and stealing is not. Surfing through the content of other websites will give you enough inspiration and ideas to start on your own anyway.

2. Concentrate on research

How to produce high quality content?

If you wish to get your name and your website on the top tier, it is important you get your research right. Again, make sure you work on facts.

People never appreciate fake news, which recently had become a major trend as all the sites just wanted to attract traffic even if it was on the basis of something fake.

Also, before you start working on your article or the piece, make sure you carry out your keyword research right and curate your content in co-ordination to it. This will make you reach the upper tier sooner.

3. Keep it simple


What does a simple mean here? Not everyone landing on your website is a writer or a scholar, they are there simply to gain information and so make sure you use the simplest vocabulary that helps people understand the essence of the article or your work.

Then, keep the sentences small and relevant, do not make it complicated. A person comes online and looks through thousands of options available online to look from.

You can help them pick you with ease of information. Give your users a place that can attract their attention span which is often too short.

4. The heading should be effective


There lie two important aspects here. First, make sure your heading is strong enough to get the attention of the audience. If they are not attracted by the heading, more than 50% of stats say that the targeted audience will not read your content.

Second, make sure your heading is strong and is exactly about the information you have included in your article.

Google keeps on checking websites and consider such websites as spam. If there is no or very little relevance in the heading and the content of the article, the algorithm of Google will consider it spam and may suspend your website or the piece of work.

Users these days do not fall for cheat tactics used for marketing. This can even make the audience you have already gathered to quit. This is probably the last thing on your mind. For the rest of the work, there is digital marketing.

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