Can Clickbait Articles Drive Traffic? How?

Clickbait is known to attract readers by clicking on the hyperlink that uses a title, which is usually deceptive. But the copy used in clickbait can be pretty much deceiving as clickbait stands out as a fake advertisement.

But there is an approach through which you make use of clickbait in a particular way that does not sensationalize the content element or trick the readers. There are many ways through which you can drive traffic by using clickbait articles. Look below!

How to drive in traffic with clickbait articles?

When you Drive traffic with clickbait articles, it will be pretty much successful as the content will utilize a particular formula. It will leave all the readers on a cliffhanger and take the help of a known phenom, buzzy keyword, or a celeb to grab the attention. But there are several through which the clickbait articles can help you drive in traffic. Check below!

1. The clickbait titles:

If the title compels the web browser to interlace with your content due to the benefits you allude to, then it’s clickbait. On the other hand, all the clickbait titles will use absolutes like “Never” or “Always”. Clickbait titles that are used in brands are “OMG!

You will never believe these stars”, and “This application utilizes the power of karaoke to teach languages”. Other clickbait titles are, “The official size of Baby Yoda is now available, and it’s surprisingly expensive”, and “30 Things that will provide you no option but to stay composed”

2. The clickbait advertisement: 

Clickbait is known to be a great option when it comes to increasing the CTR or Click Through Rate, so it’s a no-brainer for businesses that require new techniques to advertise. When you scroll through your social media platforms, you might have come across the clickbait ads and also clicked on them.

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The advertisements that you see are formatted in the same way as the titles, which means they can indicate a huge advantage for interaction, stimulate emotions, and can be problematic and authentic. 

Can you increase traffic without clickbait?

When it comes to driving in traffic, clickbait is not the only option that you can use. You can still utilize some interesting titles that will attract readers. Given below are some of the ways you can brainstorm compelling titles that will not deceive your readers. 

 1. Utilize the interesting part of your content within the title:

If you have any interesting part in your content or a surprising statistic that is jaw-dropping, then you can use that in your title to boost the traffic. For example, you have conducted an interview session with an industry leader and gathered all the tips to make an exceptional remote work cycle.

So, you can utilize that information and make a title similar to the tips you have accumulated. The title follows the actual build of the clickbait, but it will hint at relevant content for your readers to read. 

2. Take the help of emotions to connect with your readers:

Emotions are entitled as a way to tap within the interests of your implied audience. You can either bind them back with the content of the story or use them deceptively, just like clickbait. When you understand why your readers will find your content to be important, then it will be the best way to write a title that links to emotions.  

3. Try to be relatable in your heading to drive the audience:

Clickbait titles are known to grab the attention of the readers by employing relatable language. For instance, if you use a title like “Only Email marketing experts can understand this”, then this title will grab the attention of people who are into email marketing.

Along with that, you can share relatable titles. If an email marketing expert clicks on that particular post and thinks about their squad while reading it, then they will be coerced to share the post with their co-workers. 

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Final words to say

Clickbait can be pretty fun, but at the same time, it’s pretty tricky as well. Once you plan on how to use it, then you don’t have to worry about the trustworthiness being at stake whenever you come up with a title.

When you have decided to use clickbait in your content, then think of something that will entertain your readers. 

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