Do You Love Link-Building? Here Are 9 Signs That Prove So!

From local searches to research keywords and link building, search engine optimization is not for those people who do not have any passion for the industry.

However, having a link building addiction is sometimes considered to be a natural by-product of the love of SEO. Through recent research, approximately 35% of the customers spend around $1000 or less on link building alone.

However, 90% of the people have confirmed that they employ content as a link-earning tactic. The interest in link building has increased by 43% since 2005, and chances are, it might grow more in the future.

 Signs that prove you love link building

 Given below are the signs that will prove you are addicted to link building. They are:

You read about link building when you have free time:

Every marketer is well aware of the fact that link building is an integral part of an excellent online strategy. If you work as a professional SEO expert, then you are into link building and link baiting. It will become a hobby for you or more like a career. So, you will probably read about it during your free time.

Love link building

Penguins and pandas are no longer cute animals to you:

Many individuals will have a smile on their faces, once they hear about pandas and penguins. But you will immediately think about the irritating Google updates that will destroy many of your SEO campaigns. It is difficult to look at these zoo animals the same way. This is because you will only think of the irritating mechanism that penalizes websites for keyword-stuffing and link farming.

You like good content but also love joking about it:

There is no doubt about the fact that content is the ultimate “king.” However, the phrase has become so redundant as marketers and SEO experts have used it for many decades. Now, you might wish that people use a different saying for it. You, too, have said the phrase yourself. If you did, then you are a true link building fanatic.

Writing meta-descriptions has become easy: 

As an avid link builder, you know how to summarize a webpage within 156 characters. This is because you know which keywords you need to use and the language that will allow the users to click on your website. You will be crowned as the official “link building addict” if you can do so without counting the words.

You will feel irritated due to people’s lack of SEO knowledge:

Each of the SEO experts is well aware that the increase of a website’s rank takes a good deal of time, hard work, and patience. You need to learn the best techniques, track your backlink profile, and monitor your competitor regularly. It will be pretty annoying to hear things from people who lack knowledge. This is because everyone is not that knowledgeable as you are when it comes to SEO and link building.

You love everything about website traffic: 

Web traffic stands out to be the biggest concern for webmasters and businesses, but you love it. For you, it is the best part of the job as all your hard work and efforts will be paid off. You love commencing on keyword research, implement strategies, and watch a website reap the rewards.

You have the best coding and HTML knowledge:

Only the true and best link-builders can consider themselves as multi-lingual in both coding and HTML. You will know everything about Alt Tags, H1, H2, and Meta. Apart from that, you will also learn about the 404 redirects, indexing, anchor texts, and no-follow links. It will become a part of your day-to-day language, and it will prove that you are an expert.

You have the urge to add relevant anchor texts:

Since keywords will become an essential aspect of your daily life, you will have a sudden surge to add them everywhere. When you come across a topic, you will think of 10 different keywords immediately that will allow it to rank at the top position online, even though the issue has no relation to your job.

You will know the destiny of an article’s keyword through one reading: 

If you are a link builder, then you will not look up to an article the same way again. After giving a quick read and estimating the word count, you will immediately know about the keyword density. You will not only look for flaws within the anchor text but see where the site is going wrong.

The Summary!

 If you believe that you are living with an SEO obsession, then the signs that you see above proves that you are in love with link-building.

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