True Leaders Always Express Gratitude When Times Are Tough: Why?

For the past year, the whole world is fighting a tough time, ridden by the fear of a pandemic. As a direct impact, the dynamic of the work environment has changed a lot. ‘Work from home’ had become utterly familiar with our life, and we had become used to it. Such a situation was quite critical for the leaders too, to boost the communication time to keep the morale high for their employees. One way to keep a positive workplace environment is by expressing gratitude.

Why is it important to express gratitude in leadership?

We respond differently to different moments or situations. Reactivity is a completely instinctive behavior that comes in response to situations that are not in our hands. Stress or anxiety arises in response to situations that we do not want to face. Gratefulness is not innate but we have to give continuous efforts on it in our daily lives. Being an organizational leader is tough. When you have a team of employees hired for a particular project, you will always feel the responsibility stress on yourself. You will always have to provide reports to the higher authority about the progress, handle the enormous pressure to make sure that the activities are completed to achieve corporate goals, and also the team members remain happy and self-motivated.  According to research, about one-third of the employees have no trust in the management and the scenario is now changing further. The present generation who is joining the business, demands a lot more. Fulfilling their demands is becoming a real challenge for organizations. Amidst such an environment, it is important for a leader to express gratitude to the team members, regardless of their merit, quality, and level of motivation. Research also indicates that, when we’re dealing with a crisis situation, a little thanks-giving or a little gesture of showing gratefulness is enough to build trust and loyalty among the team members. Just as we witnessed, in a pandemic situation, people become lonelier and more frustrated than before and in such times, an appreciation from a leader could have done wonders.

How can you express gratitude to your employees?

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There are certain ways by which you can show your gratefulness to your team members. These are as follows:

1. Graduate de-briefing:

If you’re submitting a major project early, you can organize a graduate de-briefing for all of your employees. This debriefing is focused on a number of aspects like positive actions that are taken, engagement of employees in a group discussion, and also encouraging them to perform better in future projects.

2. Appreciation:

In a corporate gathering or presentation, it will be nice of you to appreciate someone for a particular job he/she had done so well.

3. Pointing out contributions:

Point out specific contributions an employee had made for the empowerment and growth of your organization. That will reflect your close attention. It is always advised to maintain a healthy work climate so that employees always feel motivated to give the best they can. One of the effective ways is to express gratitude whenever you can. The attitude will strengthen not only your network but also your relationships.

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