Tips For Achieving Better Ranking With Link Building

Link building has always been a consistently satisfying way of promoting your website’s organic rankings, reach, and engagement.

However, search engines have become more sophisticated, and old link building techniques do not work anymore. On the other hand, they can actually have a negative effect on your website’s organic rankings because new search engine algorithms actually focus on content quality as well.

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world and also boasts of an enormous market share of 92%. This means that it is the preferred search engine of an overwhelming majority of desktop and mobile users worldwide.

Google algorithms are updated regularly and have advanced a lot since their first days. They take into account content quality, the number of links, engagements, etc.

Before it displays your website as a search result, it first ascertains that your content is of good quality. To achieve a high organic ranking as well as boost your engagement, here are some tips you can utilize:

1. Weed out broken links:

Better Ranking With Link Building

Source: Pedalo

Direct links to content are broken if domain names change or the website goes out of commission. Broken links are very unattractive and can be a serious deterrent to the quality of your website. You have to constantly monitor your backlinks and weed out broken links so that they do not weigh you down.

2. Add guest contributors:

Source: OptinMonster

Research has shown that over 63% of users perceive blogs with multiple authors and contributors to be more relevant and credible. You can utilize this knowledge by incorporating guest contributors to your website’s blog.

You can do this by locating recognized publications in your niche and becoming a guest contributor. You will be able to generate new leads easily and will also be able to boost your website’s reach.

3. Use infographics:

Better Ranking With Link Building

Source: Column Five

Studies have shown that using infographics boosts organic traffic by a whopping 12%. This is because well-designed infographics are easier to read than blocks of text and are inherently more easily scannable.

Infographics also boost engagement and shares because they can be shared by themselves on different social media platforms. Thus, investing in good quality infographics can drastically improve your link building as well.

4. Stronger back-linking:

Source: Sitechecker

Ask independent publications or local news outlets to write a small piece on your business and include a link. Alternatively, you can also pay for small ad space for your business that also includes a link to your website.

By doing this consistently, you can improve the performance of your link building campaign. You can also find complimentary businesses and write testimonials with each other that can be displayed just make sure that you include a link to your website in them.

5. Incorporate reviews:

Better Ranking With Link Building

Source: TrustYou

A good way to increase the legitimacy of your business is by incorporating user reviews. 94% of online customers read reviews at least once before deciding on a service provider. That is why it is a good idea to look for a space that will allow customers to review your services. Additionally, a good review of a reputed online platform can do wonders for your backlinking and link building campaigns as well.

6. Discourage excessive reciprocal linking:

Source: Backlinko

Reciprocal linking worked great in the early days but now it does more harm than good. This is because Google’s new algorithm downgrades your website’s organic rankings if there is excessive reciprocal backlinking with a partner business. Reciprocal linking works properly if it’s incorporated into the content subtly and makes sense from a user’s POV.

7. Get listed in trustworthy online directories:

Better Ranking With Link Building

Source: Search Engine Journal

Another thing you can do to improve your website’s organic results is to get your business listed in a reputed online directory. Doing so will give your business credibility and will also improve your rank on Google’s search results.

It is advised that you find out niche publications and directories that a lot of consumers would consult and get your business listed on that. The listing also helps your business to get indexed and it becomes easier for Google to find you.

With the help of these link build tips, you can launch a robust and effective SEO and link building campaign. These will improve your website’s performance greatly by boosting the number of engagements, shares, etc. This will lead to a higher organic ranking and a better ROI.

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