Learn The Art Of Demand Generation Through Content Repurposing

Who doesn’t want to make the most of their investment when it comes to content marketing? If so, repurposing content is one of the ways that can help your website to earn more returns from the investments. If you wish to create a huge impact on web traffic, start maximizing your old content.

Not only does it help in saving revenues, but it also helps gather more leads and streamline content creation. Here’s how repurposing content needs to be used to eventually increase the outcome of demand generation within a short time. 

1. Updating the message:

Even when you are using evergreen content, the message that it contains changes a bit over time. In this case, you need to repurpose the content by updating the message. For that, you must check if there are any recent updates regarding any tool or methodology concerning the content. If so, there’s no need to write a new article, but you need to modify the old one. Update the content by including a fresh subtopic regarding the tool, and it’s done. 

2. Integrating repurposing and reuse in content marketing:

Eliminate unplanned and spontaneous reuse of content, as it leads to trouble. First, you need to prepare a plan describing how to use each part of the content effectively across various platforms. According to a report, it has been found that marketers who have seen a huge impact in demand generation have used repurpose and reuses strategies. Around 30% of marketers have strategically implemented this strategy into content marketing. 

repurposing content3. Create formats according to audience needs:

The prime aspect of repurposing content is to attract the interest of buyers. Some people might not like to invest time reading the entire content, but they would like to watch a video or listen to podcasts for even half an hour. Besides this, some prefer looking for some infographic or visual description containing raw facts that can help them understand the concept more easily. In this aspect, you need to connect formats based on the preference of the audience. 



4. Attain message repetition:

Like an ad campaign containing digital messages, repurposing content is used to realize benefits and repetition. Transforming stories into blog posts and then into an email campaign allows reaching new audiences. Along with that, you can also feel more connected with clients who are interested in paying more attention to various formats. To drive traffic, you can also use email newspapers, where you can highlight the content. 

5. More information:

At times, repurposing of content is done as it helps to align you with a buyer’s journey at multiple stages. Including small pieces of information into a larger file, you can attract viewers who look for in-depth information before getting a product. With that, you can eliminate the need to create new content and achieve more leads. 

6. Interactive content:

Irrespective of what your content is all about, like a survey report, a solution finder, etc., interactive content can create more buzz among the audience. There are more leads in interactive content when compared with static content. Thus, you can include interactive things in repurposing content and gain more leads for your company. 

7. Cross-promotion:

It is only possible when you have a bunch of repurposed content ready. Cross-promotion is key to take the benefit of your hard work and extending visibility. Also, try to link your article with videos, blog posts, and add to call to action, etc. to gain more leads. Viewers prefer reading content that contains such aspects as they find it to be more relevant. Cross-promoting makes the content visible to more visitors while increasing the site’s popularity. 

8. Create content by picking useful information from the existing blog:

Here you can pick up topics from evergreen content and create a new video or write new content. You can also combine a few articles and create an ebook, which you will upload to create more leads. Combine more commonly asked FAQs, and make the content rich in information.  

Ending Note!

To achieve demand generation by repurposing content, you need to first strategize a proper plan. Determine the objective of reuse and how it will help you with the targeted audience’s prospects. Repurposing content helps to maximize marketing efforts without investing more. Also, it helps to influence a larger section of people in less time. So, hopefully, this post helps you in your content repurposing journey!

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