10-Point eCommerce SEO Checklist For 2020

In Google, trillions of searches are performed every year, and when your eCommerce site is ranked well, you get more qualified traffic. Considering that, it is the right time to start optimizing the website with the 10 points listed here. 

1. A responsive and mobile-friendly website

eCommerce SEO ChecklistWith more than 50% of the traffic coming from mobile browsers, it is essential to create a mobile-friendly website. Otherwise, you lose a huge volume of traffic. Thus, you should create a responsive and mobile-friendly website. 

2. The loading speed of the site

eCommerce SEO ChecklistIt is essential to check the loading speed of the site as no one has time to wait for minutes. If the speed is low, you will lose customers, and your sales decrease. To increase the load, the site must open within three to five seconds. 

3. Include Google analytics

eCommerce SEO ChecklistHaving insights, like how people are reacting on your site will help you make it more engaging. Strategize a plan, including keyword usage, site design, content, site structure, etc. 

4. Install an SSL certificate

The site must include an SSL certificate as customers will provide essential details like payment and contact details. An SSL certificate is an added layer of security. With that, your site will show up on the search list.

5. Creating a buyer’s persona

eCommerce SEO ChecklistIf you want to know your audiences, create a buyer’s persona. It provides deep psychographic and demographic details of audiences. Having the data will help in identifying the keywords to attract purchasers. 

6. Preparing the list of competitors

Make sure that you know your competitors and what keywords they are using. It will help you perform better keyword research and attract audiences to the site. It gives you an opportunity to outperform your competitors.

7. Looking for related keywords

eCommerce SEO ChecklistHead keywords are competitive and attract a high volume of traffic. Start looking for terms and phrases to find the top searches. It gives an idea of what your target audiences use to find solutions and products. 

8. Qualifying each keyword

Decide on the keyword to be used by determining the popularity and competitiveness. It is better to avoid keywords that make it difficult for the site to rank higher. Also, it will decrease the traffic volume that you usually get. 

9. Assigning a primary keyword to a page

eCommerce SEO ChecklistEvery page on the site must have a target keyword. Having more than a single keyword on the website confuses the search engine. Therefore, each keyword must be assigned to one page. 

10. At least 300 words on one-page

eCommerce SEO ChecklistSearch engines must understand the content to rank it, and for that, a single page must have at least 300 words. Do not write for the sake of search engines, as high-quality content can help readers to understand. 

Wrapping up

This post has explained the ten-pointers for the SEO eCommerce checklist for 2020. Incorporating the above pointers will help your online store to earn more traffic and grow over the years. Make sure that you do not underestimate the importance of SEO at any cost. 

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