Benefits of using White Hat SEO technique

Most people and companies or organizations understand that to mark their presence and get the right publicity online, they will have to use SEO because it is one of the most prominent techniques to use. But they do not know how to exactly bring it to process and achieve the results.

Google keeps updating its algorithm and since the past few years, the search engine has been filtering websites on the basis of their poor quality of content and spamming techniques.

If you are the one to use Black Hat techniques or spamming techniques to get your website up on the first page of Google, there is a great chance Google will put you on the last page. Well, it can also get you completely out of the listings as well.


White Hat v/s Black Hat SEO

The black hat technique did get into the market and helped people for a while but Google quickly took it down.

 White hat technique is a term used for the promotion techniques used for websites that Google approves off. It can generate a great amount of organic traffic for your website and will also improve your SEO ranking. This happens because the prime concern of the technique is focused on providing quality content to the readers.

The first step to improve your ranking is by clearing up your website. This falls under the customer value terms and policies of Google. After you are done tidying up your page after getting rid of the clutter, you are good to start SEO technique to focus on marketing and promotion of the page.

Link- building is the only way to increase the visibility of your website which will land it on the first page and will take its organic traffic on a higher tier. The fact is, if you are not on the first or even the second page, there is a fair chance your website may receive no result at all.

This also translates to the fact that randomly putting the link of your website in any kind of contact to promote the tour website possibly will not work. It is important you make sure to pot your link in the content that stands relevant to your website. This is not just beneficial but necessary as a future aspect. Google algorithm will change again and it will filter up the websites and even the content that does not have relevant website links on their page. This will also include articles with poor grammar, language errors, and wrong techniques.


The white technique is not just about SEO but its focus remains on adding value to readers and visitors both on and off your website.

This is not the only way to use marketing as there is another great deed you can do. A press release is yet another white hat technique that will get you up and going. All you have to do this curate a beautiful, qualitative, and informative piece about your business clearly highlighting your website address.

Then send them to the news agency and get it printed in modes of print media like magazines, pamphlets, newspapers, etc. While almost every single person these days is capable of using the internet and surf through it to find answers and businesses they need, the trend of news reading still exists.

Every single morning, almost every household gets a newspaper, or people open their phones to read the digital newspaper. This means newspapers still have a huge amount of readership in the nation and thus is a great source of spreading the word. 

There are so many websites that use black hat techniques to get quick traffic but this often backfires and Google enlists such websites into spam. There are hundreds of white hat techniques that you can use to promote your website without even worrying about getting out of the listings. It may work for you overnight or it may take a lot of time to get to the first page, but this is the only technique that can bring you to the first page.

Black hat technique will not only prevent you from getting organic traffic, but it will also get you delisted from the search engine.

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