Are technical and On-site SEO enough? Why not?

Usually, what comes to your mind when you think about Search Engine Optimization? Most of the answers would be website appearance, loading speeds, the perfect structure of the website. But most marketers are unaware that these are not the technical factors responsible for Google ranking. It’s essential to step back and understand the SEO concepts, to know why technical and on-site SEO are not the only parameters. 

The objective of SEO is to increase the quality of traffic coming towards your website. For that, you need to develop great content and present it in front of the viewers. Nothing apart from high-quality content can help increase traffic on your website.  

Technical aspects: Essential but not the only parameter

For better SEO, technical aspects like crawling, page speed, indexing site structure are essential. Apart from that, the other aspects that evaluate on-site and technical SEO are: 

  1. User experience
  2. Site speed
  3. Mobile responsiveness
  4. Proper meta-tagging
  5. Structure of the site
  6. Indexability 

Many industry experts might convince you to use certain SEO tools to make a difference in search ranking, but it is of no use. To ensure that your site speed improves and the bounce rate reduces, content quality is essential. If the content is not good, nothing can help you get the content on top rankings. 

Technical SEO: Not enough

Technical SEO does not hold as much value as creating engaging content and links. As you can see, how the competition is growing, audiences trust a website that presents content created with efforts and is unique. More than 70% of B2B clients have responded that they go through a blog before making a purchasing decision. Some top-rank websites have extremely low technical SEO results but have high content quality. 

Explanation with examples 

According to a report, two medical websites, Mayo Clinic and WebMD have a low technical SEO. It takes a long time to open a page but often presents high-quality content. It is the best example to explain why a technical SEO score should not be the only consideration while creating content, despite people should concentrate on the topic. 

Google priorities

The aspects a writer needs to consider are the domain authority and excellent website content. It might be challenging to enhance the domain authority, but new content creation and links can help. Many tools are available like lightning-fast page speed, snippet optimization, picture ‘perfect’ site architecture, but all such aspects will not bring any change in the quality. 

The website, which has high-quality content with high domain authority, will satisfy user experience and ranks higher compared to the website with excellent SEO. That’s why; your concentration should always be on maintaining the quality of the content and not on technical aspects. A balanced approach between link building and content could be a better alternative. 

technical and on-site SEOPlan the best SEO strategy

When it comes to SEO, it takes time to see a change in the leads. The best strategy would be to combine technical optimization and a content strategy. Also, other SEO tips like regularly updating your content, repurposing it with the previous content while uploading a new one, etc., bring a change in the SEO ranking. SEO is a long road, which takes time to offer convincing results. 


Site Authority

The number of ULDs (Unique Linking Domains) on your website with relative quality links determines its ranking potential. Outranking your competitors with high-quality content would not be easy compared to mid and high authority. Content marketing, link building through PR, guest posting, etc. can help you improve the authority. 

In the end!

Do you wish to enjoy long-term organic growth? Only high-quality content and links can get you. Here are a few essential aspects listed below, which will improve your site leads. 

  • Research about the topic and create amazing content. 
  • Connect your content with backlinks or stats related to it.
  • Revisit popular technical SEO opportunities to improve your content. 
  • Continuously make improvements on your website to make it more engaging. 

After including such aspects, you will experience a huge change on your website. Remember that your concentration should be to create high-quality content if you wish to enjoy more leads. 

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