Zolve – 118% Rise in Traffic in 2 Months

emiac zolve case study

118% Rise

From 164.8k to 360.5k

17 - 20

Country Specific
Domains Selected


High-Quality Backlinks
From Real Sites

60 Days

To Complete Activity

About Client & their Objective:

Zolve is one of the leading financial technology company, providing innovative solutions to the financial sector. With a commitment to delivering the latest and most advanced technology, Zolve is dedicated to empowering its clients to achieve their financial goals.

In an effort to increase their online visibility and build their online reputation, Zolve collaborated with EMIAC Technologies for a link building and guest posting project. The objective of this project was to generate high-quality backlinks from top finance and fintech websites.


We have a wealth of experience and expertise in the link building and guest posting space. We have built a database of over 50,000 websites, which includes a wide range of sites from various industries, including finance.

This database provides us with a vast network of potential link building opportunities, making it easier for us to secure high-quality backlinks on genuine sites for our clients.

For Zolve, we leveraged our extensive database of finance and fintech websites to build quality backlinks on real finance sites. Our team of experts worked closely with the webmasters of these sites to secure the backlinks and ensure that they were relevant and high-quality by analysing their past performances in terms of DA, Spam Score, Traffic, Audience Behaviour and many more.

By building these backlinks on real finance sites, we were able to significantly increase Zolve's online visibility and enhance their online reputation as a trusted provider of financial technology solutions.


The activity showed a substantial rise in overall traffic, from 164.8k in August to 360.5k in September. This significant increase in traffic was a testament to the effectiveness of our approach to link building and guest posting.

Not only did we secure high-quality backlinks from top finance and fintech websites, but we also performed a competitor analysis to ensure that the domains we were targeting were competitive enough. This extra level of attention to detail helped us to deliver results that exceeded Zolve's expectations.

Zolve Traffic Graph Semrush
Zolve Traffic Graph Semrush Aug 22
Zolve Traffic Graph Semrush Sept 22

The Process We Followed

Competitor Analysis

Our approach to link building and guest posting starts with a comprehensive competitor analysis.

Our team of experienced SEO professionals carefully analyze the domains used by our client's competitors to understand the types of websites that are most relevant to their industry and target audience.

By conducting a competitor analysis, we are able to extract valuable information that helps us to devise a highly effective link building strategy. In the case of Zolve, our team analyzed the domains used by their competitors to understand the types of websites that would be most effective for securing high-quality backlinks.

Our thorough analysis helps us to identify the most relevant and high-quality websites for link building and ensures that our clients receive the best possible results.

Content Writing

Our team of finance experts have written informative content for them, ranging from blogs to articles. This has helped them to get their message across more effectively and engage with their audience more efficiently

Bloggers Outreach & Link Building

We helped them to publish their content on relevant domains run by real bloggers, rather than PBNs. This gave them a significant boost in traffic and organic search rankings.

Details We Focus On

This is how we ensure that our link-building process is fast, effective, and reliable for you. Let us help you create a powerful online presence with Guest Posting today!


Hours of Availbility


Working Days at TAT


Website's Database


Project Manager Assigned

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