Cleartrip – 51% Rise in Organic Traffic From 8.3M to 12.6M

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51% Rise

Organic Traffic From 8.3M to 12.6M

Top 10

Ranking Position in SERP


High-Quality Backlinks
From Real Sites/month

6 Months

Activity & Ongoing

About Client & their Objective:

Cleartrip, is one of a leading online travel agency that provides a one-stop solution for booking flights, hotels, and activities.

They approached us with a specific objective in mind: to increase their website's ranking on their targeted keywords using relevant, high-quality backlinks.

To accomplish this objective, we collaborated closely with Cleartrip to identify the top-quality travel-related domains for guest posting.


We have a wealth of experience and expertise in the link building and guest posting space. We have built a database of over 50,000 websites, which includes a wide range of sites from various industries, including travel, tourism, and lifestyle.

This database provides us with a vast network of potential link building opportunities, making it easier for us to secure high-quality backlinks on genuine sites for our clients.

We leveraged our extensive database of travel & lifestyle websites to build quality backlinks on genuine sites owned by real webmasters. Our team of experts worked closely with the webmasters of these sites to secure the backlinks and ensure that they were relevant and high-quality by analysing their past performances in terms of DA, Spam Score, Traffic, Audience Behaviour and many more.

By building the backlinks on these sites, we were able to significantly increase Cleartrip's online visibility and enhance their online reputation.


Our approach to link building and guest posting helped Cleartrip achieve significant improvements in their URL's search engine rankings. We tracked the position of targeted keywords using a "Rank Tracker" sheet and monitored the changes in their ranking over time. (shared below)

As an example, let's take a look at the keyword "mumbai to delhi flight" with the target URL of

At the start of the project in September 2022, the keyword ranked at 8th position in the SERP. Over the next few months, our link building efforts paid off as we were able to secure high-quality backlinks on relevant travel-related domains. As a result, the ranking of the keyword improved steadily:

> On October 18, 2022, the keyword moved up to the 6th position in the SERP.

> By November 14, 2022, the keyword had climbed up another spot to the 5th position in the SERP.

> In December 2022 and January 2023, the keyword remained steady at the 5th position in the SERP.

> Finally, on February 14, 2023, the keyword reached the 4th position in the SERP, achieving a 4-rank improvement since the start of the project.

Here is the growth report (via Semrush) of the shared URL:

cleartrip growth report via Semrush
Cleartrip Organic Traffic from 1st Sept 22 to 1st Feb 23

Ranking Status from October to February

 Keywords/Date18 October 202214 November 20225 December 20224 January 202314 February 2023
 mumbai to delhi flight6th Rank5th Rank5th Rank5th Rank4th Rank
 delhi to bangalore flight5th Rank5th Rank5th Rank4th Rank4th Rank
 mumbai to goa flight3rd Rank2nd Rank2nd Rank2nd Rank2nd Rank
 patna to delhi flight6th Rank6th Rank6th Rank5th Rank5th Rank
 delhi to patna flight6th Rank6th Rank6th Rank5th Rank5th Rank
 hotels in goa, hotel booking9th Rank9th Rank9th Rank9th Rank9th Rank
 hotel booking10th Rank8th Rank6th Rank6th Rank4th Rank
 Hotels in bangalore10th Rank10th Rank10th Rank10th Rank9th Rank
 bangalore to mumbai flight4th Rank4th Rank3rd Rank3rd Rank3rd Rank
 mumbai to dubai flight3rd Rank3rd Rank2nd Rank2nd Rank2nd Rank
 hotels in mumbai12th Rank12th Rank12th Rank12th Rank12th Rank
 delhi to goa flight6th Rank6th Rank6th Rank6th Rank3rd Rank
 delhi to mumbai flight6th Rank5th Rank5th Rank5th Rank3rd Rank

The Process We Followed

Competitor Analysis

Our approach to link building and guest posting starts with a comprehensive competitor analysis.

Our team of experienced SEO professionals carefully analyze the domains used by our client's competitors to understand the types of websites that are most relevant to their industry and target audience.

By conducting a competitor analysis, we are able to extract valuable information that helps us to devise a highly effective link building strategy. In this project, our team analyzed the domains used by Cleartrip's competitors to understand the types of websites that would be most effective for securing high-quality backlinks.

Our thorough analysis helps us to identify the most relevant and high-quality websites for link building and ensures that our clients receive the best possible results.

Content Writing

Our team of travel experts have written informative content for them, ranging from blogs to articles. This has helped them to get their message across more effectively and engage with their audience more efficiently

Bloggers Outreach & Link Building

We helped them to publish their content on relevant domains run by real bloggers, as we never consider using PBNs. This gave them a significant boost in traffic and organic search rankings.

Details We Focus On

This is how we ensure that our link-building process is fast, effective, and reliable for you. Let us help you create a powerful online presence with Guest Posting today!


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