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About Client & their Objective:

Simplilearn, a leading edtech company, wanted to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their website through the creation of high-quality, informative content. They engaged EMIAC Technologies to develop a content strategy and produce a range of articles on topics related to their core offering, including professional development courses and certification programs.


We worked closely with the Simplilearn team to understand their target audience and identify the most relevant topics for the articles. We conducted thorough research to ensure that the content was accurate and up-to-date, and used a variety of SEO best practices to optimize the articles for search engines.


To ensure that the articles produced for Simplilearn were of the highest quality and relevance to their target audience, EMIAC Technologies assigned a team of dedicated writers having years of experience in Education Industry to the project. These writers conducted extensive research to produce fresh and unique articles that accurately reflected the latest developments in the industry.

EMIAC Technologies also employed a number of best practices to ensure that the articles were optimized for search engines, including the use of relevant keywords and the inclusion of internal and external links.

Throughout the project, EMIAC Technologies maintained a strong focus on producing original content, and did not rely on AI writers or other automated tools to generate content. As a result, the articles produced for Simplilearn were well-received by their target audience and contributed to a significant increase in website traffic and engagement.

The Process We Followed

We followed a structured and thorough content writing process to produce more than 350 articles for Simplilearn over the course of nine months. This process included the following key steps:


At EMIAC Technologies, the process for understanding client requirements involves scheduling a call to discuss the details of the project at length. The purpose of this call is to understand the client's requirements for content writing and link building, as well as their target audience and business goals.

The main aim is to ensure that the team has a thorough understanding of the client's needs before initiating the project. This process helps us tailor our approach to meet the specifics according to the client needs, leading to successful project outcomes.


We conducted extensive research to ensure that the articles were accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to Simplilearn's target audience. This included gathering information from a variety of sources, such as industry reports, relevant articles, and interviews with experts.


We worked closely with our team of professional writers to develop a content strategy and outline the key messages and points that the articles should communicate. This involved determining the tone and style of the content, as well as the structure and organization of the articles.

Writing and revising

EMIAC Technologies assigned a team of dedicated, edtech-specialized writers to the project to produce high-quality, original content. The writers followed a detailed writing and editing process to ensure that the articles were well-written, error-free, and aligned with Simplilearn's brand guidelines.

Details We Focus On

By focusing on these unique details, EMIAC Technologies is able to deliver high-quality content that meets the specific needs and objectives of each client.


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