tab32: 195% Rise in Organic Traffic for a US Based Business

Case Study Tab32

195% Rise

From 40.6k to 119.8k


Links Built

30 Links

Per Month with 3k+ Traffic


Days Activity and Ongoing

About Client & their Objective:

Tab32 is one of the leading innovators of dental practice management technology, delivering a comprehensive and cohesive picture of patient health. Tab32 was looking for a reliable link-building service that could help establish its brand identity in the marketplace and increase its online visibility.

Why EMIAC Technologies:

EMIAC Technologies was chosen by Tab32 because of our extensive experience in providing premium link-building services, as well as our strong commitment to achieving positive ROI for our clients.
We worked closely with them to create a comprehensive link-building strategy that included content creation, guest post submissions, press releases, and more – all designed to enhance their online visibility.


With our strategic link-building efforts, Tab32 saw an impressive 195% jump in their organic traffic in just 200 days.

We formulated a comprehensive strategy for Tab32 that included guest posts on targeted websites and press releases about their products.

This enabled them to reach out to a much wider audience, introducing them to the brand and its offerings in the process.

As a result, more users began discovering Tab32 organically without any form of advertisement.

Check out the stats below -

Rise in Organic Traffic has seen an increase of more than 195% in organic traffic over the last 6 months (May 22 - Nov 22) – no small feat! With EMIAC's comprehensive approach, has been able to engage with customers on a much deeper level than before, enabling them to build trust and loyalty among their customer base.

tab32 case study emiac

In the period of July to November 2022, experienced tremendous growth in comparison to its competitors. The graph indicates that had approximately 60% more reach than other websites in the same domain at the end of November 2022. This is an impressive achievement.

Tab32 Competition - July
Tab32 Competition - November

In a Nutshell

tab32 backlinks tpes

By utilizing carefully targeted content marketing tactics and leveraging industry-leading keyword research tools, EMIAC Technologies was able to create content that increased visibility for

The Process We Followed

Competitor Analysis

tab32 leveraged EMIAC's competitor analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of their online business and detect areas where they could improve their link distribution. This enabled them to devise a more varied linking strategy, which ultimately helped them acquire top-notch backlinks.

Content Writing

We wrote 30+ articles, blog posts, and guest posts every month. Hence, in total, we completed more than 200 articles for them. Our team of experienced writers researched extensively on each topic before creating quality content that spoke directly to their readers.

Bloggers Outreach & Link Building

We used premium tools including but not limited to Semrush, and Ahref to identify websites with US-based traffic. This allowed us to quickly and efficiently extract websites that had the potential to generate backlinks for tab32.

Details We Focus On

This is how we ensure that our content marketing process is fast, effective, and reliable for you. Let us help you create a powerful online presence with our Branding Solutions today!


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