6 Tips For Collecting And Leveraging Customer Feedback

Collecting customer feedback and analyzing each one of them is a highly valuable process. It provides insights that help a company to improve its service and products. Anyways, getting the feedback is not as easy as it seems to be as customers are busy in their lives. It’s not their responsibility to offer feedback for the company, but still, according to a report, around 80% of the clients have responded to a survey in a year in 2015. 

If you wish to increase the percentage and get more, you need to know the right approach to ask the customers. For Marketers who do not know about it, here are a few strategies, helping them collect customer’s feedback more easily. 

1. Sending a follow-up email:

A convenient way to collect customer’s feedback is through email. After the service or the product is received, send an email to the customer asking how their shopping experience is, how the product is, whether they find any difficulty in making a purchase order, etc. Many companies may like to collect reviews from customers, while others may use an automated process to gain insights. 

2. Into your Wi-Fi network add feedbacks surveys:

Free Wi-Fi is offered in many places nowadays, like hotels, cafes, bars, etc. to attract more people. It is a great advantage for customers, offering an excellent way to gain feedback for companies. Customers need to create a Wi-Fi account, and you can request feedback, doing which they can use the Wi-Fi facility. 

3. Start SMS services:

Around 60% of Americans have responded to customer service in 2017, which has helped increase customer engagement. SMS is an effective and powerful tool for collecting customer’s feedback. In an era where customers are mostly on their phones, SMS is an excellent way to get in touch. SMS has a higher opening rate and is a highly effective marketing tool. 

4. Send surveys through a mobile beacon:

Even though beacons are not so popular, with constant change, it will be a great tool for collecting customer feedback. If your company has a mobile app, you can send beacons through which customers will leave feedback. Customers using your application will respond to your questions and help you improve your process. 

5. Analyzing recorded sales calls

A person in the sales team can tell you how many calls they need to make daily. These are recorded, and if it’s being analyzed, it can help you get insights that will help the company. Not only it helps in the company’s improvement, but it can also be used for training purposes. In this instance, you are getting direct feedback from the leads, which can be fruitful for your business. Their feedback can help you overcome many hurdles and get more potential leads for your company. 

6. Monitoring social media platforms 

Social media platforms have become an easy and inexpensive way to communicate with customers directly. It makes customers feel more connected, and they would also love to share their experiences. Through direct messages, comments, not only can you get feedback but also engage more customers. 

Do not fail to do this!

Well, the most crucial aspect is not only to collect feedback but to use them for which you have collected. If you gather and keep feedback in a folder, it’s not at all going to help you. You need to share it with the right team who will analyze the feedback and prepare a plan stating what you need to do to ensure more audience engagement. Remember that collecting and keeping the information is not helping you in any way. 

Signing off!

Customer engagement is an essential tool, and a company needs to ensure that it’s always growing. A company that does not communicate with its audiences in any way will not be able to gain expected customer engagement. Customers are an important asset for your business and ensure that you take care of them. Customer feedback is a cost-effective way to collect insights and customers are most loyal when it comes to their brand. Just like, positive comments and likes can increase a company’s popularity on social media, negative feedback is also essential for the company’s growth.

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