Tips To Curate Compelling and Engaging Q&A Videos

Q&A videos are considered to be one of the best ways to build an audience in the online platform. YouTube is currently the 2nd largest search engine across the planet and it also serves as the main area for online video advertising and marketing.

As a business owner, you will be given the chance to share informative videos that will be helpful for your customers and your company. With the help of Q&A videos, you will be able to answer the questions that are frequently asked by the viewers.

The importance of good Q&A videos:

Q&A videos are not just helpful but they are also known to be pretty important. It will give you the chance to address all the questions of your customer’s heads-on. It will not just make your customers happy but you will also get to show them how dedicated you are on all your services or products.

Experts say that about 82% of the individuals will prefer video content from a particular brand than a social post. Apart from that, about 78% of the individuals have already watched video content online.

How to curate engaging Q&A videos?

If you are thinking, “how to create Q&A videos?” that are engaging and compelling then the information provided below will help you.

  • Try sourcing the questions with your topic: The first thing you need to do is source out the questions from your online customers. You need to gather questions that will help you create a high quality and captivating video either for your website or for your marketing campaigns. For instance, if you aim to provide more value to a particular FAQ page then you need to look for questions that are commonly asked. These questions are asked by both of your new and existing customers.
  • Prompt the email subscribers to mail you questions: When you own an email list then it will be easier for you to request all your subscribers to send you their questions on a specific topic. You can also tell your email subscribers that their questions will be answered in a helpful video and you will mail it to them once the video goes live. This will allow your subscribers to clear away all the doubts they had about a certain service, product, item, or topic.
  • Take part in the AMA or “Ask Me Anything” Trend: You will encounter many Facebook groups that are well-known for conducting the “Ask Me Anything” or AMA trend. Under this area, group members are given the chance to ask questions and share their expertise with the entire group. By joining a niche-specific group on social platforms like Facebook and conducting your own AMA trends, will help you receive questions for your Q&A videos.
  • Take a look at Google’s People Also Ask section: When you are already aware of the topic, on which you wish to talk through the Q&A videos then try doing a quick search on the People Also Ask section in Google. It will help act as a reference to your questions for your Q&A videos. For example, if you search for “content marketing”, then Google will provide you with a list of questions. You can take up these questions and answer them on your Q&A video.
  • Look up to Reddit and Quora for questions: If you are still thinking “how to create Q&A videos” for a particular topic or a product, then try checking out the platforms of Reddit and Quora. This is because these two platforms enable all its users to ask questions on all types of topics and products. It is guaranteed that you will get many questions on the topic through these two platforms. You can also come back to these particular platforms and post your video as a response to the question.
  • Write down a proper video script: When you have all the questions you need, it is time for you to write down a script for your Q&A video. This is highly recommended and will help you to stay much more focused and you can address all the questions properly. Also, when you have a good script, it will allow you to answer all the questions in an inclusive way. Be sure to not miss out on any question that might be important for your audience.

Final words on Q&A videos

The Q&A videos will not just help in adding plenty of value to your customers, they will also help in increasing leads along with traffic. Through Q&A videos you will answer all the frequently asked questions and build trust and a good relationship with your customers.

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