Majesty Builders

A case study synopsis of how we helped a real estate company sell more flats through social media advertisements


In India, the competition is extremely high when it comes to real estate. Our client, Majesty Builders, was really struggling to sell their newly constructed horde of apartments in the outskirts of the city. They tried everything from creating a website to newspaper advertisements, and what not. Still, they had trouble getting any customers. This is when they came to us.



We took some time to analyze the whole real estate market and retrieved the following information:  

  • 80% of all home buyers search online before making any decision
  • 83% of the people who want to buy a property check the images of the same online
  • 52% of the prospective buyers use their mobile phones to access a real estate website to research on the property
  • 49% of the leads are generated via referrals
  • 33% of the first-time buyers browse online to look for property

The Result of Our Work

Based on these statistics, we were able to create a Facebook ad campaign that targeted Majesty Builders’ specific target customer base. Within a month, their sales escalated to 55%. They sold 15 out of 50 flats within a month and the whole 10-floor building within a span of three months.   

It was through Facebook ads that we were able to channel Majesty Builders’ marketing needs. We created a custom Facebook ad campaign and posted at least 4-5 ads daily, targeting the specific audience. And today, they are up and about with their next 21-floor apartment building project in a posh locality.    

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